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Do You See?

A must-watch for your day…I hope you take in all the wonder that is around you – with love.



24 thoughts on “Do You See?”

  1. Ohhhhh, this made me cry….what an incredibly beautiful and sweet thing that girl did, and isn’t it amazing how just framing something up in a different way can make all the difference? Carrying that thought with me through my day…. Xox, l

  2. I’ve seen this before and it brings the tears everytime. It’s a little bit of insight into how I spent my days every day for 25 years; trying my hardest to find the positive to challenge, encourage and empower children with disabilities all over the spectrum. It is amazing how semantics can change the world. You’d think we’d learn. Those of us who have learned the lesson must remain vigilant in getting it out to others. Will we effect change in our lifetime? I don’t know, but we’d be remiss not to try. To the moon and back.

    1. Your response is so eloquent, your efforts for all those years so essential and critical…You are right Jo, we would be remiss not to try…xoxo

  3. Oh I just loooove this!! Not just sweet, thoughtful and kind on the part of the young woman..but so insightful, creative and so powerful! I had seen this but as I watched, I realized I did not remember how it unfolded, nor did I remember how he touched her shoes to know her and how much I loved that part! And what Lori said! xoxo

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