16 thoughts on “Song For Sunday”

    1. I am so glad I sent you a smile..Don’t feel angst honey – everything is going to be ok. Ben, the house, the factory. This will pass and God willing, not leave damage in its wake..And if Travolta knew you – he’d love you too. xoxox

    1. Happy to have brought a little giggle to your day..I too am already wearying of the news. Let’s go Sandy – let’s get the show on the road and o-v-e-r. Or perhaps it will be like snowstorms down here – when the weather prognosticators give us too much of a heads up, nothing of substance ever materializes!

    1. So far we’re dry (but for one leak), safe and have power..That said, the wind is getting pretty fierce, so fingers crossed we make it through the night with no loss in power!!

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