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A Monday Olio

I saw this and wanted to share it with you…

So?  What were your first four adjectives?

Mine were ‘happy, patient,  peaceful, elegant’.  Although I am happy (for the most part) and patient (sometimes ridiculously so) and am a real believer in peace, I am affirmatively not elegant.  No one under 5′ is elegant – trust me.  In truth, there are no adjectives for vertically challenged women that don’t suggest the plight of a retired cheerleader – ‘perky, cute, spunky’…You may get a ‘pretty’ thrown in on occasion (though that’s usually from a relative).  But of all the magnificent descriptives out there, we don’t get the $.75 words – ever.  Where did I put my pompoms?

Lest you think this really bothers me though, let’s remember that I’m ‘happy’ and ‘peaceful’ too.  What I was really more interested in was how I arrived at these four adjectives.  I’m really very linear.  For someone who typically finds the most circuitous path to get from Point A to Point B, I was pleased that my route was so direct.  True, I did focus on the right, and I tend to lean to the left – but no one said this was a precise exercise.

I hope you have fun with this and don’t take any of it to heart.  Unless of course you are over 5′ and you find ‘elegant’ – in which case, it’s a completely accurate assessment.