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Seems Like A Good Time

Well, the weather prognosticators were accurately far-sighted this time.  It’s raining.  A lot.  Sandy has arrived, and like any unwelcome visitor  didn’t even bring a bottle of wine, a babka (always a lovely dessert offering), flowers – nothing.  It appears that she intends to stay for a few days too (my mother-in-law used to say that house guests were a lot like fish – both start to stink after three days).  Given that Madame Sandra appeared uninvited and clearly in a snarky mood, I for one have no intention of making the guest room look extra lovely.  Nope – as far as I’m concerned she need not unpack – I’ll even pay for her ticket back out to sea.

Sigh…I’m rarely so hostile to visitors.  And such negativity so early in the morning!  I must have some coffee, revert to my happier aspect.  In the interim, hope this makes you smile.  Fellow East Coast friends – wishing you warmth and safety and no lapses in power..