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Seems Like A Good Time

Well, the weather prognosticators were accurately far-sighted this time.  It’s raining.  A lot.  Sandy has arrived, and like any unwelcome visitor  didn’t even bring a bottle of wine, a babka (always a lovely dessert offering), flowers – nothing.  It appears that she intends to stay for a few days too (my mother-in-law used to say that house guests were a lot like fish – both start to stink after three days).  Given that Madame Sandra appeared uninvited and clearly in a snarky mood, I for one have no intention of making the guest room look extra lovely.  Nope – as far as I’m concerned she need not unpack – I’ll even pay for her ticket back out to sea.

Sigh…I’m rarely so hostile to visitors.  And such negativity so early in the morning!  I must have some coffee, revert to my happier aspect.  In the interim, hope this makes you smile.  Fellow East Coast friends – wishing you warmth and safety and no lapses in power..




43 thoughts on “Seems Like A Good Time”

    1. You know me – typically the door is always open. But this guest? She can go back from whence she came..:-) No worries Jo – don’t worry…xoxoxo

      1. You can guess my mental state by the fact I’m up before the sun. Thank you for starting the day with a smile. To the moon and back…

      2. I know your anxiety level babe…it’s going to be a long couple of days, so best to relax now. And if Ben and Jenna are ok and you are ok – then everything else is potential inconvenience. Go back to bed. To the moon…:-)

    1. Good point – I do respond to guilt-inducing ploys. In this instance though fear not – I will remain intractable and inhospitable. I may go really far out on a limb and not even put out clean towels.

  1. A word from your pal in the UK runs the risk of appearing trite this morning, so I’ll keep it brief. Thinking of you and of your fellow countrywomen and men xx

    1. Your comments could never be trite Simon – it’s not your style. 🙂 Nonetheless, your good thoughts are always appreciated – as are you – always. xx

  2. Have *always* loved this Bill Cosby sketch….”Right…..” Thanks for the morning giggle, sweetie, on a day when there’s not a lot *outside* to laugh about. I’m totally with you on this “uninvited guest.” Buhhh-bye, that’s what I’m waiting to say. Sending all sorts of protective ‘juju’ towards you and Andy and the Sirs….xoxo

    1. Love and all good vibes to you, David, Beau and Lola..I’m with you sweetheart – ‘Buhhhh-bye and see you later’…Be safe, be snuggled, be dry..xoxo

    1. Isn’t that the truth!! It’s still blowin’ here too – and my understanding is that we haven’t felt the worst of her visit just yet. Keep those jammies on and stay snug! And yes – he was a baby in that clip. 🙂 Be safe..

  3. I am worrying about you and all of my family in Baltimore lots. The media doesn’t help. I lived through Ike in Houston a few years ago and it was really surreal – I told people it was like being in God’s washing machine and hoping not to hear anything break. I hope you have lots of peanut butter. Hang in there. This too shall pass – literally!

    1. What a great analogy!! I guess we’re still in the ‘wash’ cycle..things are supposed to settle down a bit after sun up tomorrow. Have peanut butter – two jars! Hoping against hope that all stays calm here and with your family in Baltimore.

  4. Super Storm Sandy was wicked to say the least! So very sad to see and hear of such tragedy. I pray for their safety. Oh ‘Tiwnky’ I laughed at your thoughts on ‘bad company’. We have said that for years too, “Bad company is like stale fish, after a few days they both stink”. ha ha I hope you are welll. Have a good day. hugs. Renee 🙂

      1. Oh for sure! Laughter is so good for us and especially when we are hurting or even in pain sometimes. Your blog looks awesome my blogging buddy. I am still learning and so much more I want to do with mine. Life gets busy and don’t get to spend enough time on the computer. Oh well, maybe as winter approaches. 🙂

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