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A Magical Moment

I hesitated to post this video – primarily because so many people may have viewed it already.  Yet the more who view it the better – for the way it makes you feel your heart beating,  for the glimpse of beauty for which language has yet to adequately evolve, for the chance to feel that you are witnessing a magical moment.  Happy Friday all..


23 thoughts on “A Magical Moment”

  1. One can never see the strength of the human spirit often enough. On a gloomy day, such as today, how uplifting and wonderful to see the sun shine. Thanks Mimi. Hope your day is filled with the same sense of awe inspired by the young woman in this clip. ❤

    1. That’s it BonBon – belief in others, not setting limits on the potential of every child and celebrating their talents without reservation..xox

  2. I don’t know what to say except deeply moving and humbling and a thousand others that I can’t dredge up from out of the fog. I hadn’t seen it before tonight either. Thank you so much for sharing it. 🙂

  3. Goose bumps!! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing my blogging buddy, ‘Twinky’. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂 Renee

  4. Mimi-so very glad you shared this–I hadn’t seen it and hate to think I would have missed something so incredible. This made me smile and cry at the same time. It reminds me not to ever underestimate the power of the human spirit.

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