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A Monday Olio

I saw this and wanted to share it with you…

So?  What were your first four adjectives?

Mine were ‘happy, patient,  peaceful, elegant’.  Although I am happy (for the most part) and patient (sometimes ridiculously so) and am a real believer in peace, I am affirmatively not elegant.  No one under 5′ is elegant – trust me.  In truth, there are no adjectives for vertically challenged women that don’t suggest the plight of a retired cheerleader – ‘perky, cute, spunky’…You may get a ‘pretty’ thrown in on occasion (though that’s usually from a relative).  But of all the magnificent descriptives out there, we don’t get the $.75 words – ever.  Where did I put my pompoms?

Lest you think this really bothers me though, let’s remember that I’m ‘happy’ and ‘peaceful’ too.  What I was really more interested in was how I arrived at these four adjectives.  I’m really very linear.  For someone who typically finds the most circuitous path to get from Point A to Point B, I was pleased that my route was so direct.  True, I did focus on the right, and I tend to lean to the left – but no one said this was a precise exercise.

I hope you have fun with this and don’t take any of it to heart.  Unless of course you are over 5′ and you find ‘elegant’ – in which case, it’s a completely accurate assessment.



94 thoughts on “A Monday Olio”

    1. You’re definitely genuine, and you have a wonderful sense of humor – which doesn’t mean you’re happy, but you clearly know ‘happy’…No one who churns out the outstanding work that you do could ever aspire to ‘lazy’…The only one I can’t respond to is patient..are you?

  1. I got Happy, Peaceful, Genuine and Elegant. Pretty much…I have been told that I am “classy” and exude an air of elegance, or grace, even though I am usually in jeans and a top and sneakers. My sisters used to call that attribute “prissy.” LOL. The older I get, the less prissy I think that I am but maybe prissy is just a part of me…elegance. 😉

    1. I’d say they are one in the same – I for one would look for the manner in which all of it can be interpreted as a good thing – for that is what you are!

  2. I loved this. Just wanted to add that I saw ‘sweet’ as I clicked to add my comments. Alas, too late. Nonetheless, I too, lean to the right and came up with patient (on meds, maybe;), peaceful, serve (I did and hope to do so in one capacity or another moving forward), and wit (depends on who you ask whether the prefix is missing). I must admit I am rather fond of all these words and hope that I live up to their definitions. PS As for you and the word elegant – I think it would be accurate to say that you write with style and grace. The content is well designed and sometimes chic, always neat. Your graphics/photos are always pleasing to the eye. So, honey, elegant isn’t a stretch (sorry for the pun) at all. Thanks for the brain exercise this morning. Hope you have a wonderful day. Love you.

    1. Laughing…oh Jo, you can’t contort ‘elegance’ into something that describes my blog!! But I love you for trying – it is very sweet (as you are)..And every adjective that speaks to wonderful defines you in my you, m

  3. I got loyal, lethargic, naive, shy. I’m a bit of an introvert, so a little shy. I wish I were naive and loyal. But I guess that would describe a golden retreiver more than myself.
    As far as lethargic – oh I am sometimes so lazy. But I tell myself it’s creativity – not just daydreaming. Fun post!

  4. Ok, I know this isn’t gonna come as much of a shock to you, but the four words that I saw first were, wait for it, “happy, patient, elegant, peaceful.” I know, I know…. 😉 I can say that I’m very happy and pretty darn peaceful these days, and I always *aspire* to elegance (though I think I land on ‘perky’ more often than not), but patient, hmmmm, I’m afraid I fall far short there. That’s always been an attribute that I’ve *wished* to possess, but fear that I’m usually lacking. Ahh well, I keep working…. thanks for the Monday morning smile Mimi… xoxox, L

    1. I can’t say I’m shocked..though once again it makes me laugh..And I think you’re pretty darn patient my friend – and as to the others? They are totally applicable to you – as well as inspiring, generous, awesome…I can keep going if you’d like..xoxo

  5. dramatic and thoughtful — I like; outspoken and lazy I did not. Am not outspoken, at least not out loud–the lazy–well I will never admit to it; and I am only dramatic in my mind; thoughtful–I have been accused of that on more than one occasion
    and I do think someone under 5′ can be elegant–that is how your comport yourself on your blog

  6. Happy, Patient, Peaceful, Loyal……………Well…..the patient one is only “sometimes”….And the others are pretty much so…..but damn….for once I’d like to be elegant! It’s just not in the cards….:) Happy Monday! How’s the back today?

    1. I”ll call you elegant Paula – it doesn’t matter that we’ve never met..If you want to be ‘elegant’ – so be it…Back is better today – I’m not traveling without a heating pad just yet, but definitely better. Thank you so much for asking!

  7. First of all thanks for this on a dreary Monday. I found compassionate, patient and had the thought of hmm do we see what we are most used to. That’s when I got my reward of being run over by the karma truck, I found lazy. Sufficiently humbled I then found love. So thanks for the smile and keeping me with head close to my feet on the ground instead of in the clouds. 😛

    1. There’s nothing wrong with a little visit to the cloud-o-sphere..for you are patient and compassionate and most clearly know love. So if you’re a little lazy…it’s all good..:-)

  8. Passionate, dramatic, courageous and sentimental…sounds about right – except maybe for the dramatic…and the courageous. 😉 But passionate and sentimental are pretty much dead on. So fun!! Thanks for sharing. And, by the way, your writing certainly is elegant. So I say own that one too! 🙂 Thanks again!

  9. umm, mine are lazy, happy, patient, elegant, and witty. they all have some significance in my being. For you my wonderful woman, I definitely see the elegant. Your style is quite elegant along with your taste in the finer things in life and your writing!

  10. This was fun! And I didn’t get elegant! Got dramatic, outspoken, peaceful and talented – all of which have some significance if I use my imagination just a little bit. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh dear, “patient” was right there, wasn’t it? How did I miss it? Can’t believe I missed it. Went straight from “happy” to genuine and elegant (I’m almost – not quite – down there with you on the elegance scale). And then “sentimental”? No. Not me. It’s flawed. I want “patient” instead.

  12. Mims…I am laughing…the first word I saw was elegant!! And then I read your post in full. So funny. Also, sentimental, loyal and honest, and I thought we were looking for 5 so thoughtful snuck in too. What a fun exercise…I am not surprised I did not find patient 🙂 And now I have to go back and see what the other options were! xoxo me

    1. Well you are elegant – you are tall and fit and gorgeous and well, elegant. And you are a hoot, you’re sensitive and sweet and loyal and honest ….did you find wonderful too? xox

      1. I don’t know about elegant, but the other 3 apply. Judging from your photo though, I would however say that elegant applies for you 🙂

  13. Mimi!! I got exactly the same verdict as yours – Happy, Patient, Elegant, Peaceful. All clustered to the right hand upper corner. What does that mean?! I am 5′ as well. What does that mean?! If I stand really straight and squeeze in my tummy, I think I may just graze slightly over the 5′ mark. Does it mean I qualify to be Elegant?! Woohoo. I love this test. Many hugs 😀 Sharon

    1. My fellow munchkin!! Well, almost – after all with the additional ‘oomph’ to your posture you absolutely qualify for elegant! WOO HOO!!

    1. You’re such a good friend…and though good things do come in small packages, and there is a real possibility that if you receive something in a little box, it may even be elegant (I’m thinking a piece of jewelry or something)…But alas, this package – though arguably good, will never get to elegant. But I’ll take what I’ve got and just keep my perky persona popping along…hugs, m

  14. Fun exercise! courageous compassionate thoughtful restless

    in a miniature world you would surely be elegant in everyone’s book!!

    1. Hmm Carrie -those resonate with have those four qualities and more (though you can never be restless because you are always going somewhere!!) I never thought about how I would appear in a miniature world..I have to think about that! 😉

    1. Hmmm…you can’t even begin to give yourself a compliment – that’s my take. I guess you’d better stay away from happy faces made of words.

  15. Passionate. Outspoken. Outgoing. Sweet. Well, I guess I buy into Passionate. And maybe “Sweet” on a good day and after I’ve had enough sleep and coffee. But I think I’m too introverted for the two Out’s–except perhaps sometimes when it comes to blogging…

    BYW, my wife is 4′ 10″ so you are both in good company. I think she’d agree with everything you wrote about adjectives attached to those under 5 feet tall. For what it’s worth, you are both beautiful to me.


    1. Aw thanks Russ..and I would imagine that your wife is absolutely beautiful inside and out!! And I think you are passionate and sweet are two that suit you well. You are outspoken in your gratitude, and outgoing in your support and praise of others. So perhaps, those are applicable as well..:-)

  16. Patient, happy, peaceful, genuine — what, no mad? I find encouragement in not seeing the “im” in front of patient. I remember making pictures like this at holidays when learning typing in high school. “Type 22 a’s, hit return.” (Many years ago, when I was merely a princess.)

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