With Apologies To Ogden Nash

If you’ve ever had sciatica

Or other throes rheumatica

You’ll understand it when I say

My nerves are screaming “Attica!”

Such inflammation takes its time

Plays havoc with a peaceful mind

Reducing my thought processes

To plebian words and rhyme


Since sitting isn’t optional

Typing supine not optimal

I’ll go in search of heating pads

And accept this posture comical



  1. I so feel for you Mim…not much helps but time. I remember days of crawling everywhere I needed to go dragging my bent leg behind me for straightening it out was an absolute impossibility. This is one of those times when screaming was necessary…it helped anytime I had to move out of my fetal position. I would rather go through childbirth! Hate that you are going through this. All my good thoughts are headed your way…xoxoxo

  2. You’re a marvel, my dear, in that you can make us smile at anything that includes the word ‘sciatica.’ Having dealt with this insidious little intruder in the past (blessedly rarely), I can TOTALLY empathize with the pain and frustration you are experiencing. 😦 Why does it seem that *every* bit of atmospheric and environmental pressure around you is focused on the TIP of that one particular nerve…OUCH!! Be gentle with yourself, k? xoxox, l

  3. I don’t “like” that you’re in pain, but the poem is great. And that position in the last photo does help. (That’s me with my physical therapist hat on) Hope you feel better soon, Mimi.

  4. Feel better Mimi. Backpain is terrible, takes mind off everything peaceful and keeps one on the edge, know the feeling too well from last year. I got help from chiropractor. It took away the pain from hell. hugs

  5. Mimi, I am inviting you to the Ligo Circle of Appreciation. This is not an award per se, but a chance to highlight 2 bloggers per day for 22 days in October.

    Thank you for the contributions along the way.


  6. Hope that the heating pad is helping, since there doesnt seem to be many treatment options for sciatica, and that you are not plagued for long. I was wondering where you’ve been? Healing and blessings to you!

    • Thank you Fran – I’ve definitely been out-of-the-loop…getting better though – I’m able to sit for about ten minutes at a time, and I’m hoping to get back in the groove soon..hugs, m

  7. Hallo,
    Have you heard of Dr Sarno? He relates many issues of back pain to emotional characteristics and predispositions. The reading of it is a penicillin in itself.

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