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Wind Down Wednesday

The day is beginning to wind down..Here’s to a glass of white wine and a little cheese, a cool breeze and the promise of a lovely evening…


19 thoughts on “Wind Down Wednesday”

  1. ahhh, Joni Mitchell. 🙂 Did you see Love Actually? We LOVE that movie and Joni Mitchell is prominently feautured. That movie is quoted in our house on a weekly basis. Great holiday flick. 🙂 thank you to you for putting me in my music mind. you have no idea how important that is for me.

      1. It is really funny and fun – very well done. And Joni Mitchell plays a prominent role. In fact, the whole soundtrack is great. When you are ready for some holiday cheer, check it out. I think you’ll like it.

    1. Hi and welcome!!! And thank you to Russ (who is pretty awesome in and of himself). No need to have the wine, as long as you kick back and breathe in after a long day…

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