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You Made It!!

If you’re traveling this weekend, be safe.  If you’re hanging out this weekend, relish it.   Whatever you do, laugh a lot, eat yummy stuff, revel in the love of your family and friends.  If you’re barbecuing – make sure you have charcoal or propane before you’re ready to grill.  Sleep in, rise early.  Relish that you have the choice.  Whatever you do – enjoy.  And for my son, who was in Baghdad a few short years ago – I will take a moment to be grateful for those who have served the USA with courage, conviction and enormous sacrifice.  For my dad and my father-in-law, I will pause and honor the reality that as young kids they enlisted en masse to end a war that was to end war.  And I  will also bow my head and wonder for a little while, why we can’t learn from history.

This is a crazy world we live in – enjoy your weekend to the max!


16 thoughts on “You Made It!!”

  1. Thank you – I hope you have a terrific weekend as well! I think we’re going to kick back, Archie is still in his soft collar and looking quite sorry for himself, so we’ll probably stay close to home..:-)

  2. A sincere thank you to your son for his service to our country. Like you, I’m so thankful for the service of my father-in-law in WWII, and my dad in the Korean War for their service. They were just boys, probably just as was your son, when they headed out to fight for our continued freedoms. Thanks for the post. Hoping your weekend is relaxing and memorable!

    1. It began in the most perfect way – with my sons and daughters-in-law and lots of hugs and laughs. That for me is the perfect night..Wishing you a wonderful relaxing weekend too!

  3. I used to send him emails “when you breathe, I breathe – it’s just like that”…The day before he left, my dad passed away. The day he returned The Red Cross flew him to NJ to say good bye to my mom. I don’t remember anything other than praying for him to get through another day. He’s been home now for seven years, happy and married and grounded and successful. But his memories would chill you to the bone. And I still wake up at ridiculous hours of the morning – some habits don’t leave.

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