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Sincerely Sunday

The coffee is brewing a bit too early, but that’s ok…It’s Sunday.  The day is mine to do whatever I want – even go back to sleep in a couple of hours.  The sole requirement is that I recognize the gift of having those choices.  I hope those who I nominated for the Beautiful Blogger award are pleased that I did so – I realized after the fact, that some may find it intrusive.  Please know my intent was to applaud your work.

Anyway, if I can’t catch the reflection of a rainbow in my hands today, I can marvel at the prospect of doing so one day, and be happy that the day is bringing sunshine.  I hope wherever you are, your Sunday unfolds with gentle grace and treats you well.  Sincerely Sunday…



14 thoughts on “Sincerely Sunday”

  1. What a magical photo! I, too, am sitting here having my first ‘cuppa’, listening to the birds chirp and Beau wail on his squeaky toy :-). I’m enjoying dear friends visiting from Down Under right now and marveling in the knowledge that I have been so blessed with so many wonderful people in my life, including you whom I haven’t even met. :-). Thx again for the award nomination–I am truly honored!

    1. Good morning! Enjoy your friends and when time permits, enjoy the pleasure of passing the award feels great to do so! 🙂

  2. What a beautiful grace-filled post and photo. Thank you very much. Sunday has indeed unfolded here “with gentle grace” and has treated us well. Blessings for you, too. I’m adding your lovely blog to my roll 🙂

  3. I think you’re beginning to ‘get’ me David! I’ve been sitting out on the porch doing the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle..Enjoying the breeze and taking it slow…:-)

  4. Love the photo! I looked at it a long, long time before I got around to reading your post. I just love the photo! Keep enjoying your Sunday. 🙂

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