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Softly, Surprisingly Saturday

Saturdays should begin softly and slowly…no gulping coffee before running out the door, an extra moment to notice that the sun is making its presence known and realize that right now, in this quiet, gentle moment  – it’s all good.

Soon enough the rush-to-run-errands-take-kids-to-practice-stop-by-the-gas-station-find-time-for-the-gym will begin.  Until then – send out your happy dance, it’s today.


13 thoughts on “Softly, Surprisingly Saturday”

  1. I just love this photo–I find it so poignant. And you’re absolutely right, Mimi. I am reading your post whilst sipping my first cup of joe with the dogs laying contentedly at my feet. Ahhhhh….

  2. I love Saturdays. I protect them as it is the only time I have, all week, for me. That sounds selfish, and I will honestly admit that I don’t care. This working gal, wife, mom, and parental caretaker readily admits I need a little space. And Saturday morning is my time. Coffee, reading, news channel, playing with the cat, baby-talking the dog. Thanks for posting this so I know I am not alone! 🙂

    1. Not only are you not alone – I applaud you for taking a little time just for you…It makes you a better ‘working gal, wife, mom and parental caretaker’. Your plate is more than full and you need a little time that is just for you..:-)

  3. Even though our boys still get up around 6 on Saturday, they get to do extra computer time or t.v. time so Husband and I can lounge around with coffee starting our day off slowly.

    1. Oh David…must I tell the truth? Yes, I must…no work out today, but definitely tomorrow. I hate Saturday mornings at the gym – too much spandex, too many people and too much self-consciousness for my ego to rationalize away. But Sunday mornings? I’m there – with my fellow late-Renaissance souls who have no hangovers from the night before…:-)

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