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For You

With apologies to Joyce Kilmer, Dr. Seuss and Ogden Nash…


I think that I shall never view

A you as perfectly you than you

You’re almost perfect which seems more than fine

Any more than that and you’d be viewed as Divine

You’re angry and snarky, you’re happy and joyful

You’re goofy and troubled and giggly and soulful

Your days run the gamut from perfect to lousy

Some days you’re awake; others you’re drowsy

There are moments you’re sure that you must be insane

And if so, then my friend we are one and the same


The point of this post – very short, mildly witty

is that some days are diamonds while others are shitty

And no matter which day yours is fated to be

There’s something to gain which your eyes may not see

The knowledge that moments pass quicker each year

And it’s better to hold them all nearer than near

You’re you-ness conspires to handle your load

Whether feeling quite princely or more like a toad

And regardless you really could not be more grand

And for this, I for one give you one rousing hand!


31 thoughts on “For You”

    1. Thanks Sandy!!! I ran it by Archie and Teddy first and after they rolled their eyes, groaned and rolled over on their backs, I figured I was good to go! So glad you sniffed around my blog!! Just checked out yours, and may I say – you are one talented Golden!!

      1. Great minds and all that. You and my human would have a great time conversing. He was a Busexec for a long time (he’s tendays older than dirt) for a Fort500 company and one of his tasks was teaching other executives MIR skills. He still loves all that manure…I mean good stuff. He’s reading over my shoulder and I don’t want to lose out on treats. Sandy

      2. “Older than dirt” is not the best phrase to use when describing your human – especially if he’s looking over your shoulder while you type. “Mature” might be better, “seasoned executive” – even better. It increases the odds of not just getting a treat, but getting a couple extra on general principle. I understand his interest in all this MIR stuff – we share that for sure. Though I must say, I’m happier consulting, writing and speaking than I do working everyday!

  1. I believe that Dr. Seuss, Ogden Nash and Joyce Kilmer would’ve quite pleased, I bet there’s even a standing ovation somewhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The poet comes out! Thanks for the Monday morning verse. Great reminder, too, that we get something out of every day if we just look for it.

    1. Yeah – it’s been a hobby for years…is hobby the right word? I used to write one at the end of the year for the administrators, directors and chiefs at the firm – at the end, this involved listing 63 people by name along with some comment about their year. I can bang these out pretty quickly now..:-)

      1. OK then. I have a proposition for you. I come up with some idea (one you agree to of course) – and you bang out a poem as Guest Blogger. Deal?

    2. Btw, I wrote you back – I’ll be happy to take a shot at writing something about a topic you provide…unfortunately, I replied to myself and not to you – hope you got it..

      1. No, didn’t get it. OK. Give me some time to think about something worthy. Didn’t realize you were such a master craftswoman in this trade. Incredible.

      2. Oh hardly incredible – just playing with words…I had written that I would be happy to be a Guest Author or anything other than Guest Banger – I didn’t think that sounded really appropriate, ya know? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. For you? It would be a pleasure…thanks for not saying I’d be the Guest Banger (I wouldn’t be comfortable with that…) ๐Ÿ™‚

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