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Totally Hacked Off

Why you may wonder, would I title this post in such a passionate way?  Well dear reader, it’s an accurate description of more than my state of mind.  I’ve been hacked – my bank accounts, credit card – someone else has figured out all my automated protections and managed to get their undeserving hands on some of my money.  Despite three replacement credit cards, this mischievous little imp (that is so not what I’m thinking) has been showing his/her determination by continuing to try to withdraw some very impressive sums (once even before the card was activated).  The amounts themselves don’t reflect my history at all (which helps prove to the bank that this isn’t me – it’s the pseudo-psycho me who I’ve never met).  So all is now frozen, fraud alerts are placed on everything that even sounds like my name and I’m thinkin’ this is not what Mahalia Jackson meant when she sang “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”.

I really don’t like the idea that anyone can ‘hack’ into one’s personal or financial information.  I feel that being hacked needs to remain within the realm of the individual.  I should be able to choose whether or not I want to be hacked off.  So, not only has this person stolen my information, they have taken away my choice about when I want to feel hacked off.

You know, there’s enough going on in my little insulated world at the moment – for starters, there are a couple of disconcerting messages that my body keeps sending which medical science is still trying to interpret (sometimes I can be a little opaque), my continuous quest for world peace, an end to famine and the slowing of global warming.  Trying to spread a little good  karma takes some effort, you know?  Basically this is very distracting and really inconvenient whoever-you-are (I’m assuming you’ve hacked into my blog too – you must be the spammer that emails constantly with the uplifting message “Dear Webmaster, We note that searches for your site on Google are very low…..”).  There’s also a few days away starting Wednesday which I can’t even prepare for because my accounts are frozen (ok, I don’t really need anything, but that’s not the point).

Will I be bothered by this in five years?  I doubt it, and that’s usually my threshold for determining what will and will not totally piss me off.  But I am annoyed.  And I don’t like the feeling that someone can – without any sense of conscience – access my data without asking for my okay.  I mean, I’m a sucker for a good story – if this person told me the money was needed to help a starving family, I would have been an easy mark.  Did you really have to go and hack me off every which way from Sunday?  Well just remember buddy – if you’re not nice, karma can be a bitch – and I’m comforted by the fact that the truck is gonna roll up your driveway one of these days – and will you be hacked off.