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For You

With apologies to Joyce Kilmer, Dr. Seuss and Ogden Nash…


I think that I shall never view

A you as perfectly you than you

You’re almost perfect which seems more than fine

Any more than that and you’d be viewed as Divine

You’re angry and snarky, you’re happy and joyful

You’re goofy and troubled and giggly and soulful

Your days run the gamut from perfect to lousy

Some days you’re awake; others you’re drowsy

There are moments you’re sure that you must be insane

And if so, then my friend we are one and the same


The point of this post – very short, mildly witty

is that some days are diamonds while others are shitty

And no matter which day yours is fated to be

There’s something to gain which your eyes may not see

The knowledge that moments pass quicker each year

And it’s better to hold them all nearer than near

You’re you-ness conspires to handle your load

Whether feeling quite princely or more like a toad

And regardless you really could not be more grand

And for this, I for one give you one rousing hand!

friendship, humor, life lessons

The Knights Of The Round Table – A Brief Introduction

Happy Monday my friends!  Given that I have a penchant to talk about, to and with them I considered it only fair to introduce you to the Knights Of The Round Table.  Their loyalty to the kingdom is unmatched, their love unparalleled and their wisdom almost beyond that which we mere mortals can embrace.  I am sure you will hear more about them at some point or another over the course of our times together, so may I present Sirs Archibald and Theodore…

The Round Table…

The Knights defend the castle with nobility and courage from falling leaves, advancing squirrels and the occasional bunny (with the caveat that the bunny must be quite small and not advance).   They nobly entertain the King and our Princes;  and their devotion is inestimable (especially for their handmaiden…er…handmatron…look, I can’t be the Queen, there’s way too much testosterone around here, and besides I don’t think the Queen cooks, so you’ll have to excuse the hierarchical departure), and their lessons so universal they need not be taught in English.

I take your leave so I may provide them with their morning meal.  Then I will enjoy some highly caffeinated beverage before I post any further entries.   The joy of the morning to you all!