Thoughts For A Friday Afternoon

As many of you know, I started this adventure in mid-January.  I have now had over 4,000 people visit my blog – which I find both wonderful and startling.  I realize this is an inconsequential milestone for those of you who have enjoyed much deserved success and readership (I’m probably one of your biggest fans).  For me, it is astonishing, very cool and inherently motivating.  My new friends who I may never meet in person – but ‘talk’ with  all the time through comments and offline written conversations – you set the bar incredibly high and encourage me to reach and try to touch the rarefied space in which you share your thoughts;  my old friends – you  continue to amaze me with your love and loyalty and willingness to read these musings;  my sons and daughters-in-law – I’m so glad I haven’t embarrassed you yet and;  those who just happened onto this page – you have filled my head with the happiest of thoughts this Friday afternoon, and my heart with gratitude which is incalculable.  I hope your day is replete with smiles – and provides you with as much joy as you have given me.


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