A Gentle Goodbye To 2013

We had all the kids at home yesterday, and the house was resonant with laughter and teasing, generous gift-giving and a love I can only reference as palpable.  My heart beats more deeply, echoing in my chest, snippets of serious conversation that stay in the forefront of my thoughts as I process and hold them as gently as feathers.  “You really are my only mom” (a figurative comment that was so full of history and stories and trust and love that I will never ever forget its intent); “Remember when Grammy would give us shit for playing ball in the playroom and I asked her why it was called a playroom then?”  “I used to think it was so ridiculous that you would treat me like a child when I was over; of course now I realize it was because I was a child”.  Lessons in wine tasting, a book titled “The Story Of A Lifetime” which offers prompts and questions to facilitate the telling of one’s tale in a way that may be at least salient if not interesting.  Laughter that included some good snorts, bad fart jokes and hugs good-bye for which I am never fully prepared.

And so it is as one year ends and another waits in the wings.  I guess I’m not fully prepared.  Certainly for some of the people I love, it has been a challenging year with losses that re-shape the heart.  For most though, it has been relatively gentle.  Our lives are intact, marriages seem happy though not without their requisite effort, young adults are realizing that the operative word has changed from ‘young’ to ‘adult’.  We’re still close and I am forgiven my maternal neuroses that at least can be shared among three.  I consciously tried to be kinder, cared less about judging and more about accepting, placed the notion of acquisitiveness somewhere down on the list where it belongs.  I learned this year, perhaps more than the one before, how deeply I can be touched by the candor and stories of people I have come to know in this little universe.  I have been gobsmacked when I received comments insisting that I have inspired, or tickled, or pleased, or echoed a thought that had been unspoken in someone else’s thoughts.  I’ve been brought to tears and moments of spontaneous delight by David and Bill, Russ and Andrea, Bonnie and Liz, LouAnn and TIna and Ivon, Kizzy, Rhonda.  Of course there are more and I do not intentionally omit anyone – you are in this circle with me and I believe you know it.  People who comment with thoughtfulness and generosity and love.  My friendships have been enhanced and allowed to flourish (for Lori wouldn’t have it any other way).

We found a house to hide in and stand outside of in that mystic fog of the morning when the world demands stillness.  Memories have begun to be made, new places to claim as one’s own.  And we got Bogey – our juvenile delinquent puppy, who should be wearing a leather jacket with a skull and crossbones instead of his snappy little tartan plaid.  Except of course when he’s just so laughably adorable that he is forgiven everything.

I will turn 60 this coming year, a number of some sobriety.  I know that at this point I’d be aged-out of employment in many cases (if I was looking), considered truly senior in the eyes of people with younger eyes and minds.  And yet, I’m so far from done, I don’t swallow too hard at the number.  There is abundant time to try and do better, be kinder, live in moments that should not be ignored, celebrate that which others often miss.  Read more, give more, dance in the driveway and maybe even get up and sing.  Who knows?  There is so much yet to be.  Thank you for sharing this part of the trip with me.  And Happy Happy New Year.


  1. The perfect song to complement the perfection of your words. No surprise. We will tackle “60” with the same grace (yeah, I know) that we tackle most adventures. Looking forward to this chapter with eager anticipation, mountains of disbelief, bringing along tremendous amounts of laughter, riding the truck right by your side as we open, yet, another door. Wishing you and your family all that you all wish for yourselves. All there is, my cherished friend. Always.

    • It is the perfect song – for the perfect time of year. So much ahead of us Jo and we will celebrate and share each moment. For that I am beyond grateful. All there is honey…xoxo, m

  2. What a perfect way to celebrate the waning days of 2013 and ready our hearts for the year ahead. Loved this post for so many reasons, honey, not the least of which is because it so beautifully encompasses your spiritual largesse, to those within your physical sphere as well as your virtual one.

    This has been a wonderous year for me as well, filled with its share of ups and downs, but definitely tipping the scales on the side of joy, for which you, dear friend, have played no small part.

    May 2014 be a year overflowing with love, laughter and happiness for your and those you hold dear.

    Thank you for being you….

    “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” –Kahlil Gibran

    All there is… L

  3. Happy New Year Mim. This is what love looks and feels like. Looking forward to another year of knowing you and one that may hold more than one surprise. Love you tons. Thanks for making the difference… xoxo

    • What a year you have had WW, and how much I look to 2014 as your year to fly, delight in that gorgeous grandchild of yours and re-connect with that awesome spirit that we all know and love…xxoxSK

  4. A phenomenal post, Mimi. I truly identified with your last paragraph as I prepare to also enter my sixth decade this year, and I especially enjoyed your quote on “There is so much yet to be.” Thank you for sharing … Keith

  5. A thoughtful post — Just today I was talking to my husband about being too judgmental when it comes to children. The need to give too much advice. This year I intend to be totally laid back and let things go. After all his kids are in their 40s! (I know you never quite give up being a parent, do you?) This was just what I needed.

  6. wonderful mimi and here’s to many more years, filled with both gentle and passionate moments. happy to have happened into your little universe, it has helped to fill mine out.

    • Promise to never remove your contacts sweetie. What a year you’ve had – Madame Author!! Wishing you a year of good health, continued surprises and delights and success. Oh – and lots of fun with Janet, Chrissy, Jack and Helen (and Dan too).

  7. Smiling 😀 Brilliantly heartfelt as always. Let this be remembered as the year that you took on the holiday nom de plume “Rudolph Cinnamon-Shorts.” 😉 Totally the name you should write under.

    Happy New Year to you, Mimi. So glad to have connected with you and shared those moments of spontaneous delight. Looking forward to many more in 2014!

    • C’est moi – Rudolph Cinnamon Shorts and mighty proud of it – mighty proud. Because it connects me to you. Happy 2014 Liz – thank you for your friendship, your recipes, your generous spirit and for sharing this trip with me.

  8. So much here. So much warmth and authenticity and insight here. And yet, and yes, you are so far from done. And yet, I re-read this line several times, and it hit home. Happy New Year Friend.

    “I consciously tried to be kinder, cared less about judging and more about accepting, placed the notion of acquisitiveness somewhere down on the list where it belongs.”

  9. 2013 brought you and your inspiration into my world and for that my sweet friend, I am so very Thankful and Blessed!
    So looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings you and a gentle reminder that 60 is just a number (50 is my number this year) and numbers should only really count if you are a cheese 😉
    Happy New Year Miss Mimi
    Luv and Light always xoxo

    • Ah Kimmie – you are so right – it’s only a number, and in my head I’m still somewhere just outside adolescence!! I see your name and I just smile – you bring such light into each day. Thank you. Happy New Year dear Kimmie – love to you…xo, m

  10. This is a beautiful post, Mimi. Today is my 50th birthday and I was thinking how I feel calmer and there is less urgency in getting things done for the sake of the next thing. I am fully aware of my judgmental tendencies (a step in the right direction). I am finally understanding what is meant by “youth is wasted on the young”. So much more to learn and, yes, to do. Happy New Year, Happy 60th Year, Mimi!

    • Happy Happy Birthday Carolann!! What a great reason to celebrate the day before the day before a New Year!! Cake for breakfast, I hope – and yes, the gifts of a bit more wisdom each year. Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year, Mimi. What a wonderful reflection on the year. And I feel so blessed to know you on this platform we call the blogosphere. Your wit, wisdom and heart touch me deeply. Thank you!

    • The appreciation is mutual Cathy – I have come to anticipate your posts as one does a surprise gift. Happiest of New Year’s and thank you for being a part of my life.

  12. Happy New Year, Mims! Wishing you much joy, love and happiness in the new year! Thanks for always being there and for helping me navigate this crazy world. I always enjoy the time I spend with you and look forward to more of it in the near future. HUGS!!

  13. I was so honoured to be part of your “crew” — what a lovely goodbye to 2013 and door opening to 2014–60 is just a number (I have been telling myself that since last April when I hit the big 6-0) but when I see someone with such verve for life it makes me feel that it is just a number–
    Mimi–I wish you the happiest of New Years and hope you will drop by the party for a glass of bubbly (or two) – xo Lou

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