This is simply about you. Press play, Smile.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Seriously.

Live & Learn

This is not about how to change the world.
Or saying that we should stop fighting
against crime, corruption, poverty, oppression or racism.

This is simply about you.

Yesterday I drove an hour outside of Cape Town
with my family to be with the snow.
A rare occurrence us Cape Townians hardly get to experience.

It was then when it hit me, we need to celebrate more.
But not in a traditional sense.
But in a way to celebrate life and our time on earth,
which we all seem to be rushing through.
For what?

Let’s celebrate being young.
Let’s celebrate love.
Let’s celebrate family.
Let’s celebrate the offering for no reason.
Let’s celebrate the city you live in.
Your home.
Having the ability to be able to watch this video is a privilege.
Having access to internet, celebrate that.

Every day I see these negative things on Facebook

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7 thoughts on “This is simply about you. Press play, Smile.”

  1. Smiling as I head off to the gym – now that’s the power/impact of the blog. Celebrating getting out of bed at a way too early hour – for me – in a house that’s full again, being able to tie my sneakers and fit into my gym clothes and spend time with a trainer who has transformed my life. Think I’ll mention that to her this morning once more because I am smiling deep in my soul at the beauty of the message. But, then again, the karma truck always leaves me smiling 🙂 whether a re-post or an original. I continue to be the student as I embrace the power of the written word. All there is.

    1. You are both student and teacher – as are we all. You go my little gym bunny – and I know your trainer mst love working with you as much as you love shimmying into your gym clothes!! Love you all there is..xo, m

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