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Happy Eve Morning

“A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together” — Garrison Keillor

At the risk of sublime irreverence, there were a few years when the boys were little, that we had a Christmas tree each year.  They may not even remember for all I know, but I loved the whole process (up to taking the tree down and cleaning up the pine needles).  And may I say, they were magnificent.  Plaid bows, white lights, the boys’ names spelled in blocks underneath the tree.  I would sit on the couch at night and just feel bathed in the gentle glow – I would forget that I had no idea how to pay the electric bill, didn’t worry about how I would kite a check at the supermarket and didn’t mind making a pot of coffee out of grounds that had already been soaked once.  Sounds so stupid as I write this, but my sons were so little and I didn’t want them to feel that they would miss a thing (given that their bio-dad and I are of different religions we celebrated both holidays.  Ok, I celebrated both holidays.).

I hope their memories are happy ones.  I always return to the visual of them wrestling with these big purple/blue stuffed monsters and giggling.  He-Man and Shera.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Pajamas with feet.  Care Bears and “The Muppet Movie“.  We had no money, but we weren’t poor.

This time of year is one which we all experience together.  Most of us show the better part of ourselves (with the exception of those bizarre people who end up fighting in parking lots) and I like that.  I feel the exhausted anticipation in the air, the rush for people to be together.  The Salvation Army bell ringers outside the supermarket (who receives money from me every time I exit – I can’t help it – by the end of the season we’re on a first name basis).  I don’t get tired of the holiday music, parents invoking the all-seeing, all-knowing Santa as an effective means of getting little ones to hold their tantrums until they get home.  I cry each time I hear “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas“.  Such a sap.

Tomorrow Andy and I will join our brethren and grab some Chinese food and see an early movie.  I will be particularly sensitive to the silence in the morning, for it is a different sound than that of a typical morning.  And I will listen respectfully.  To those who celebrate Christmas, my wish is the same as every year – may you receive all that you wish for and may you wish for all that you have.  And to those who just allow themselves to be enveloped in a blanket of goodwill – snuggle in and enjoy it, extend it and I’ll see you at the movies.


45 thoughts on “Happy Eve Morning”

  1. Your posts are like comfort food for me, with the closing music videos being the gravy. Moved and touched and especially so by: “I will be particularly sensitive to the silence in the morning, for it is a different sound than that of a typical morning. And I will listen respectfully.” There is a unique and special silence on Christmas morning. I hear this too Mimi.

    1. Your friendship is a bit like comfort food for me – with a bit of some spice I cannot name which makes me always pay attention. Besides, one can never be too complacent if fortunate enough to be a friend of yours. 😉 I love that you hear that unique silence too. Promise me that you will not post anything about dieting over the next two days!

      1. “There is no try. There is do or do no” – Yoda is a short guy with a lot of wisdom. I like him. You are not allowed to diet on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It’s a law – somewhere.

  2. Merry Christmas Mimi. Love the silence of the morning comment…I too notice that. I will probably take a walk in the woods to soak it all in. Thank you for the nice imagery…eat some chinese for me.

  3. Happy I am too, Mimi. Loved what you said about the silence. So many businesses are closed that morning, the quiet is a little oasis of peace in the city. And what you said about the early years: no money but not poor. Oh, I so identify. (Cue Rita Coolidge, “I Miss the Hungry Years.”) Merry Christmas and Happy 2014, my friend.

    1. The challenges of those years have blurred and I cherish the memories…Happiest of holidays Lynne – thank you for enhancing and enriching my life..

  4. I too am confused at the parking lot fights. I worked a few Christmases in retail shops, and the overwhelming majority of people were happy – happy to have the opportunity to buy something special for someone they loved. That’s the best part of the commercialization of Christmas – the joy of giving.

  5. I see the tree, I hear the boys and I know the fullness in your heart. In my “time capsule” I am enveloped by it all. Your words painting a glorious masterpiece. You are so right about the holiday touching all of us. The beauty of it is that the theme of peace on earth good will toward man is universal. I cry at Karen Carpenter’s “Merry Christmas Darling” and transport myself back to my childhood with Alvin and The Chipmunks. Thanks for starting the day with hope; another universal from this holiday and the excitement that drives the chance to do it over and tweak it to make everything just a little better next year. Keep the truck on the road, always directed toward the sun leaving all shadows behind. See you in 2014. Feeling hopeful already :). All there is.

    1. We always have hope Jo – it’s stronger than any reality. Alvin and the Chipmunks – a wonderful musical memory. How lucky are we that we have all these years to reflect upon and look forward to? All there is sweetie…xoxo, m

  6. The quiet of the morning….it’s something I really look forward to. (If our local Starbucks would be open I would be in heaven!). Our best friends are Jewish and we all consider ourselves equal opportunity celebrators sharing and cherishing all the special days. I have been to more seders than I can remember. Enjoy your day!

  7. What a lovely post–you and I have been through some similar circumstances — now you are enjoying the life you deserve–I will be with you in the quiet of the morning my friend–and considering what is planned for tomorrow — that will be my only quiet–wishing you the best the season has to offer – love Lou

    1. I’m thrilled to have you with me in the quiet of the morning and wish you the most joyous of days (with a little time to recoup and all the time in the world to enjoy). Much love, m

  8. A lyric post, sweet friend, and so wise. There *is* indeed a silence on Christmas morning that is like no other, and I’ll be soaking it all in, because even though I’m well past the days where I check to see if Santa has eaten his cookies, I nonetheless wake in the wee hours of each Christmas morning, breathless in anticipation of what the day may bring. I am forever 5 or 6 in this season. May the blanket of goodwill envelope you and yours–on this day and every other. Love you so….xo, L

    1. And I will be waiting and watching and wishing you the most wonderful Christmas ever honey – hoping that you are delighted and amazed and tickled with the joy of the season. Love you very very much..xox, m

  9. For me it’s: Silver Bells. Yes, the quiet and reverence of the day is exceptional; I always go running, and love the holiday feel. The world is so quiet–as it’s doffed a figurative cap.

    Have the best day.

  10. We had one magical year in which we celebrated Christmas when I was a child (it’s a long but lovely story). I was wondrous at the tree and decorations and willed myself to believe in Santa. Now I’m more than happy to enjoy the peace and quiet with no obligations or commitments. A pajama day for sure!

  11. As usual, I love your post, Mimi.

    I come from a family of seven and at times we had as many as 15 people–including 12 children–living under one roof, so “silence” is not a word that comes to me when I think of Christmas mornings!

    May joy fill your heart and those of all your loved ones throughout the holidays and new year.

  12. Mims, absolutely perfect!! The quiet of the morning, yes to that and all that you have captured so perfectly here. I love how you put it…to wish for what we have…your words are like a cozy blanket. Love to you…xoxo

  13. I love the way you celebrate the season Mimi; you have the most important parts down pat. There is nothing like the warm glow of twinkling lights on a fresh tree to warm the heart. Once experienced, always a sweet memory. I’m sure your sons remember those special times. Here I sit, two days of big family gatherings over, and I feel the peace of the season and am so grateful for my family bonds and my two daughters. I even realize that the over eating is perfectly okay because every year I get back on track as soon as we run out of desserts. Happy holidays!! xo Fran

    1. Desserts are meant to be eaten and enjoyed to overfill – just like family during this holiday season. The kids have the same memories of the trees (though one of them recalled me telling him that if he didn’t behave he’d get coal – and I have no memory of that 😉 ) – I’m thrilled that you had big family gatherings and lots of love and loads of warmth – may your whole year hold more of these wonderful moments! xox, m

  14. Saw the word “lyrical” up there and think that’s the perfect word for how you write. Always lovely to read–my pulse is down a few notches by the end as you help me breathe easier 🙂

    Perfect memories of the boys and tree.

    Did you see a good movie? And Chinese food sounds perfect!

    1. I love that these posts provide that kind of release!! You made my day…We saw Anchorman (American Hustle was sold out by the time we arrived) – it gets a ‘meh’ at best. I hope you’re feeling better! xo

      1. Anchorman was high on my to-see list, but will relegate it to at-home viewing with your review. Cold only lasted a day, thanks. I never get sick (so I say) and am convinced I would have been fine had I not flipped out the night before. Holiday stress and all that. Doesn’t matter what you celebrate–always that night before when you realize you gotta do it, haha. Best to you and thanks again for your kind wishes.

      2. Definitely wait for at-home viewing. And you’d think we’d learn by now – not to go crazy on the eve of anything. I’m just glad it passed quickly!!

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