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A Good Sunday Morning

Courtesy of my sister..

32 thoughts on “A Good Sunday Morning”

  1. Couple days ago I was letting my grandbabies tear apart their parents’ coat closet – which was not as unethical as it sounds, as I was exhausted and the babies were not – and they, the babies that is, unrolled 3 yoga mats on the floor. Then they found the 3-pound weights. The 16-month old stepped onto a mat, held the weight in front of him, and in all seriousness, with his little diapered bottom sticking out to balance, did some half-squats. OMG, if I could have taken a pic. So darned cute.

  2. OMG, Mimi! This is beyond adorable! “Tutto, respire……perfetto! Lentissimo, bene!” I was a puddle by the time they were done and I wanted to take a BITE out of that sweet little dog…. Can we expect forthcoming videos of you and Bogey in the down dog position?! Bellissimo! Ciao, Bella….. πŸ™‚ xoxox, l

    1. Laughing…oh sure, Bogey and me doing sun salutations – I can see it now..while the elder Sirs jump around wondering what the heck is wrong with mom??? xoxo

      1. Of course…that’s the ticket (if I knew what ‘savasana’ was to begin with I might have suggested it – but one of the gazillion reasons why I love you)…xo

  3. Watching this just after doing my yoga workout… adorable! lol! I have to ask my “pups” to go to their pillows as they do their poses underneath me, otherwise! Thanks for smiles!!

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