Snap Your Joy

From Todd Lohenry and David Kanigan – a perfect Friday post.

12 thoughts on “Snap Your Joy”

  1. I adored that. From the oversize camera–I love too big or too small anything–to the end product. Plus, I couldn’t help noticing, two of the participants wore UCSB sweatshirts!! Must have been near my neck o’ the woods…:)

    still smiling…

  2. Mimi, this is such a beautiful post about beautiful you (precious baby picture). Happy and blessed birthday and anniversary to you! Perhaps the passing of your dad in August could mean that he is in a place of joy; which I am sure you gave him much of. My grandmother lost her mom at 9 years old and always told us how much she missed her mother, even when she was in her 80s. Our parents are our first loves and how confusing it is when that bond is separated between life and death. I have to look up the last statement you made in this post. Love Fran xo

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