A Simple Monday Thought





Thank you Propel Steps for posting this on your site as well.




    • That’s a huge compliment sweetheart – thank you…I loved his face – you could ‘read’ every thought, and that satisfied smile at the end. Loved, loved, loved…xoxox

      • You’re right–the eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say, and this little boy has a gorgeous one. The emotions that played across that visage at every turn were beautiful. Thank you for sharing… Xox

  1. When times are hard, when everything going against you, when you are sitting in computer lab of your university with that confused look, asking oneself what/how should I do…then you bump onto such nice stuff..makes you smile…:)

    Thank you mimijk..:D

  2. Mimi…..You Rock!!!! That was the perfect reminder of kindness to start the week with!!
    Have an amazing day and week my friend and Thank You Miss Sunshine! 🙂

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