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Sometimes I Just Say ‘Duh’

Patience, grasshopper,” said Maia.  “Good things come to those who wait.”

“I always thought that was ‘Good things come to those who do the wave,”  said Simon.  “No wonder I’ve been so confused all my life.” —  Cassandra Clare

Ah Simon, whoever you are – I have a feeling we’d be thisclose.  Look, I know I’m of reasonable intelligence, arguably well-educated (but for some semesters which I can’t seem to remember involving any books – or classes for that matter), culturally curious. I delight in the rare occasions when I can throw out a $.75 word correctly.

But boy, some days I feel like I’ve just guzzled a six-pack of stupid and there’s nothing I can do about it, except shrug, burp and laugh.  It’s as if my brain decides that logical or coherent thought is not all it’s cracked up to be and takes its leave – with no notice.  I clean the house and do the laundry before the housekeeper comes and try to use as much bleach and ammonia as possible so that the house smells clean before she arrives.  I spend minutes staring in my closet trying to figure out what to wear.  Um…I’m not working full time anymore.  I wear shorts and t-shirts.  And I’m hangin’ around the house today – why is this a concern for me?  Honestly, the Sirs are so wonderful they think I look fabulous regardless – even when I first wake-up.

On days like this, if my body is in a flare (as it is today), rather than take it easy, I start packing up clothes for AmVets, or rearranging cookbooks while standing precariously on the kitchen counter.  I will walk the dogs just as the sky opens up (you’d think the darkness that descends in advance of the deluge would give me a clue).  Andy comes over to give me a kiss good-bye while saying “See you later”, and I ask “are you leaving now?”  I spend a fair amount of time telling myself I’m just a blithering idiot.

And I laugh – a lot.  I am totally okay with my days-of-stupid.  I’ve been living with them for a long time.  Perhaps there are just days when you have to take a little break from thinking.  And I’ve decided that it isn’t a wasted day – on the contrary, it’s a day well-spent in silliness.  Some adults have forgotten the delight in the doofy – I for one can’t remember a time without it.  Wishing you all a day of giggles of your own design.



62 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Say ‘Duh’”

  1. Ahhh, dear friend, this made me giggle. I have MANY days when I think, “Man, but a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and here I am doin’ it…..AGAIN!” 😉 I think there are just times when we need to check out and if we’re not pickin’ up the big red clue phone ourselves, our minds just shrug, say fine, then go ahead leave the building, kinda like Elvis. I’m quite certain that you look *fabulous* whatever you’re wearing (and I know for sure that your hair is looking *outrageously* good 😉 ), so just enjoy this little sojourn into silliness. You’ve earned it! 🙂 All there is….xoxo,l

    1. Laughing..whether or not I deserve it, I’ve got it that’s for sure. I can’t tell you the number of times I have already asked myself ‘what the hell are you thinking??’ and I have no answer to provide. Ah well – I’ll blame it on the chemicals in my highlights…Not really, you know me well enough to know it’s just me…all there is..xoxo, m

  2. I want to come and rearrange cookbooks with you…and I can reach the high shelves 🙂 This gave me the giggles..I can totally relate and love that you are so transparent about it!

    While reading about the part where you clean before the housekeeper arrives, I realized my mom used to do that..and then that made me remember that I had a great dream of her last night and had forgotten until I saw her photo on my dresser while getting ready for work [and I should probably take more time figuring out what to wear!] and then called my brother to tell him. We talked about a variety of things and guess what? I never told him about the dream. So, I paused while reading your post and texted him. Otherwise, surely, I would forget again!

    Yes, I can relate. So please don’t call yourself a blithering idiot..for then there would be two of us. Though we would be in great company.

    And, this: “…some days I feel like I’ve just guzzled a six-pack of stupid…” made me laugh out thank you for that!!


    1. BonBon, if I gave you a giggle for today, then I consider it a great day!! How funny that you remembered that dream about your mom and then forgot to tell your brother!! Ah well, guess you now have another reason to call him!!! xoxoxox, m

      1. Then, a great day it is. Still smiling…GREAT post! And like Lori said, you have most definitely earned this day – or any and all days – of taking a brain vacay! Yours works overtime on my days, of this I am most certain. xoxoxox

      2. You’re da bomb babe..I know this with certainty – even on my brain vacay days!!! Have a wonderful day sweets..xox

  3. I am shamelessly stealing “guzzled a six-pack of stupid” because it’s a turn of phrase too perfect not to be spread far and wide. Honestly, I thought being secretly stupid was just my demon. The worst? I complained about a contact lens case having the left cap on the right side…confusing. Dan had to point out it was upside down. Brain-snatchers out there somewhere I just know it.

    1. I agree – I think all the zombie stuff that’s so popular know is a ruse…it’s the brain snatchers that we should fear..:-) Or just surrender…And help yourself to whatever tickles your fancy..

  4. You too? That’s somehow comforting to me. I could write books about my obliviocy. I LOVE this post (so what else is new?). Great quote for the punch line.

  5. Ok this took me back to the days after mum had her stroke and we had a cleaner come into clean the house and being told to clean up before the cleaner got to the house as mum didn’t want her to think we lived in a messy house………I never got why we had to clean before the cleaner arrived…………………..but we did………..

    Now there are many days when I have had a glass or two of stupid with my breakfast, those are the days I feel like I get nothing done or that it takes me so bloody long to make my mind up………….then there are days when I am sure that someone slipped brain sleeping pills in with my morning tablets since I am awake and I am moving but my brain seems to be asleep………

  6. I laughed at your poster… the possibilities are endless, but we have to find something that works for our talents and abilities… and of course, there’s only so much we can do in a lifetime.

    1. I love to think of you laughing Shimon..And yes, there’s only so much we can do in a lifetime – but until such time as the next chapter begins, we can do an awful lot!

    1. Yeah – my autoimmune illness (can we just call it a neighbor I don’t like?) is rearing its irascible head and giving me a little run for my money. No biggie, it happens from time to time..

      1. Stop it!! I’m thirsty and really want to finish one good gulp of water that lands in my throat. Yeah, that’s me – no faults, no insecurities, no garden of neuroses from which one can choose and number of varieties. It’s a psychological bouquet.

  7. Well done, Mimi and bravo! I’ll admit to not laughing it up enough. Love the freedom you give yourself to be doofy. (heart that word!) It’s a short ride for sure, so we oughta make it worth it 🙂 Am glad to have read your words.

    1. Thanks Liz! I just had to make peace with this part of me because I have a raging, demanding, mischievous kid inside me that will not be ignored. And she is SO much more fun sometimes than being adult!

  8. I’ve had several years full of days like that. I’m in full and total remission now, and fewer days are like that — just moments scattered liberally about my weeks. My disease is no longer progressing, but I’ve not healed the damage done. That’s just the way it is. I can finally smile it off.

  9. I entered this blogging arena today wondering “what shall I write about” I left with four blog post ideas.

  10. What a delicious post. It’s a lovely reminder that I’m perfect in my imperfection, that I am a living breathing evolution, that I’ll never really reach that point when I feel confident in saying “hey, look! i’m all grown up now!” I’m here giggling with delight in our capacity to be silly and laugh (including at ourselves). Your writing is beautiful..thank you for the post. Signing off…duh!

    1. Laughing – thank you Vicki! We are all perfectly imperfect and it is arguably in the imperfection that we are at our most delightful! Have a wonderful day!

  11. Oh. The term: “guzzled a six pack of stupid”…is just hair of the dog-licious!! You’ll have to spend that coin again and again, and you know? When I have those days–or days I am all snarled up inside, thinking crap thoughts–I tell myself to “stay external”–to really focus on the outside world (and motion therein) and just forget my stoopid ole noggin for the day–realizing it’s not a room worth venturing into…

    As ever, you write a conversationally engaging piece. You have a gift for the universal yet unique anecdote, and you are lucky with your Sirs!! As am I–despite his bad rap by my Muse–and yet I, too, will still stare into yon closet, hoping to discover hieroglyphics, the meaning of Stonehenge, the order to the cosmos, and possibly a decent Tee shirt—for literally minutes!! (in my hyper world this equates to hours, hehe)

    Have an awesome rest of your weekend, MiMi!!

    1. Your comments delight me more than writing does!! “Hair of the dog delicious” – you are so quick (despite the minutes you may spend staring in your closet – though I must say that I have yet to find any clues to the creation of Stonehenge despite my regular anthropological digs in my own closet. I love hearing from you – as always. Enjoy the weekend and thank you!

  12. I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Of course there isn’t many that I don’t love but this one absolutely made me smile!! Luv and Light Ms Mimi!! Have an incredible day (six pack and all) 😉

      1. Atta girl, but why am I thinking that glow that surrounds you always provides enough light anyway!! keep spreading the light Miss Sunshine 🙂

      2. Ah Kimmie, I think that’s just the glow from a perpetual hot flash! But thank you!! You’ve brought the sunshine over here today! 🙂

      3. OMG!!! same flashes are happening at my end as well!! Guess we’re both just too hot to handle! LOL!!
        Enjoy your day Ms Mimi and you are very welcome 🙂

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