‘I’d Read Plato, and Listen to Sly Stone’: Cornel West’s Testimony

An amazing extemporaneous commentary – and though I am Jewish, I find the words echo in my heart with their truth.

9 thoughts on “‘I’d Read Plato, and Listen to Sly Stone’: Cornel West’s Testimony”

  1. Very powerful. I especially like these lines: “Just. Bear. Witness. Be a sermon rather than give one. You don’t even need to talk about humility; just be humble.” I used to see Cornel West around campus when I was at Princeton–amazing mind. Thx for sharing this, dear friend…. Xox, l

  2. Thank you for finding and posting this again, since I missed it the first time. His words are deeply meaningful and grounding. He also reminds us that he is redeemed even though he sometimes still struggles with his gangster past. Love, so simple and complex, is the root of his redemption.
    This was a great way to start my day!
    Have a great one. Xo

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