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Month: February 2013

This woman’s talent is astonishing, her passion truly breath-taking. But what moves me the most is her palpable love for the marriage of music and spontaneity. Happy Saturday Morning all.. Make Something Mondays I hate the word “epic”, but I cannot find a better term to describe Lindsey Stirling and her music. Lindsey is a YouTube sensation who successfully combines the classic violin with modern dance. Yes, she dances while she plays, and she’s unforgettable. Lindsey has become a huge success over the past few years. She has played on… Read more

Let’s Go Away On Vacation!

Ok, if we all can’t go, Andy and I are off for a week to warmer climes.  I’ll write from there I’m sure.  In the interim, wishing you all a week of happiness, giggles and as few frustrations as possible.  More from this Bahamas mama, once I get there.

I’m Listening – What Do I Hear?

Russ Towne ( who pens the glorious “A Grateful Man” was prompted by a friend to respond to a question that grabbed my attention.  “What do you know for sure?”  His responses were pure Russ, written with candor and beauty, simplicity and reflection.  And I began asking myself the same question – and would submit that it’s a reasonable query to pose to ourselves from time to time.  I will admit that my answers didn’t arrive with the same eloquence or confidence; nor do I know if this represents an… Read more I’m Listening – What Do I Hear?