This woman’s talent is astonishing, her passion truly breath-taking. But what moves me the most is her palpable love for the marriage of music and spontaneity. Happy Saturday Morning all..

Make Something Mondays

I hate the word “epic”, but I cannot find a better term to describe Lindsey Stirling and her music. Lindsey is a YouTube sensation who successfully combines the classic violin with modern dance. Yes, she dances while she plays, and she’s unforgettable.

Lindsey has become a huge success over the past few years. She has played on YouTube, America’s Got Talent, at video game convention E3, at arts festivals, and has visited global locations like London, Italy, and Kenya. She made a great video on her Kenya experience. Did I mention that Lindsey composes, choreographs, and directs all of her own music and videos?

AND if you consider yourself an avid gammer you will most likely enjoy her. Gammers are some of Lindsey’s most avid fans. Check out her personal take on video franchise themes The Legend of Zelda and Skyrim.

Lindsey Stirling on social media:

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