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I’m Listening – What Do I Hear?

Russ Towne ( who pens the glorious “A Grateful Man” was prompted by a friend to respond to a question that grabbed my attention.  “What do you know for sure?”  His responses were pure Russ, written with candor and beauty, simplicity and reflection.  And I began asking myself the same question – and would submit that it’s a reasonable query to pose to ourselves from time to time.  I will admit that my answers didn’t arrive with the same eloquence or confidence; nor do I know if this represents an all-inclusive list.  Nonetheless here goes..

– I know for sure that I still love loving my husband.  I also know for sure that he drives me crazy sometimes, while I on the other hand, I never affect him in that way.  I know for sure that he is the anchor to my kite and were it not for him I’d probably be getting stuck in the trees like a wayward balloon.

– I know for sure that my adoration of my children knows no bounds and I know for sure that they know it and probably don’t fully get it.  I know for sure that parents screw up all the time, and children grow up in spite of us and not because of us.  To reflect tremendous self-congratulatory aggrandizement for their successes as fantastic people is folly and a little narcissistic.  This is their time.  And I am grateful to be along for the ride.  Let’s remember that I’m the sap who cries when we say good-bye to each other despite living ten minutes apart.

– I know for sure that at different times in my life I have let disappointment and anger have more power over me than I realized at the time.  And the only person who suffered from its toxicity was me.

– I know for sure that my life continues to be enhanced by the people who enter my world  – and also those who exit.  Some people need to stay for a little while, and that’s ok.  Some people will be here forever and that’s a gift.  Last I looked, one can’t suffer from having too much love in their life – for however long.

– I know for sure that I’m at a point in my life where I’m wondering what my next contribution will be.  I need to listen harder to my heart, for it’s definitely speaking.  We don’t spend enough time paying attention to its messages.

– I know for sure that if there hadn’t been a black-out at the Super Bowl last night I wouldn’t have fallen asleep and missed the best part of the game.

– I know for sure that the silence that announces the arrival of snow always makes my eyes fill.  It is one of the most peaceful calming sounds in the world.

– I know for sure that I want another puppy (honey are you reading this?).

– I know each day offers me the chance to say ‘Thank You’ – for the ridiculous number of gifts that are in my life.  And I also know I don’t say ‘thank you’ enough.

– I know for sure that for all the articles about leadership, for all the seminars I’ve led on management, motivation, employee engagement, etc – none of it means a damn thing if a person loses his/her character.  Save the HBR studies for another day – as you shimmy up the food chain, hold tight to your sense of integrity and honor.  You will be remembered for little else.

– I know for sure that I can out-happy dance anyone I know.  Not because I’m such a good dancer, but because I have lost enough, found enough and love enough to know how to celebrate all of it.

And finally, I know for sure that there is nothing I can be sure of – except this moment in time.  And this moment in time – in the quiet soft rhythmic beating of its longing – is perfect.



51 thoughts on “I’m Listening – What Do I Hear?”

  1. You’re priceless Mimi. Thank you for the joy you impart, day after day. It makes such a difference in the world and that, like you, IS truly priceless. Love and hugs xx 🙂

    1. Simon!! My day is made..truly. I think of you often and hope all is well with you and yours. Thank you as always for your loving and generous words – I take them to heart and hold them there with, m

  2. Mimi, I know for sure that I read your words and they resonate in my heart and fill my soul. I know for sure that the Karma Truck is a splash of brilliance every time it hits the road. I know for sure that today’s ride was sheer perfection and I know for sure that I’m here for the long haul. To the moon and back. I know that for sure as well. ❤

    1. We are in it for the long haul together sweetie – some would say it’s already been a long haul, but with you the ride has been both sweet and too fast..I wouldn’t mind slowing the speed limit down a bit..I know for sure that your love and friendship and beautiful words are gifts of inestimable value to me..always..xoxo, m

  3. I know for sure that I read my wife’s blog today, and laughed out loud at one point…my wife will know which part I’m referring to. I know for sure that I love my wife and she just doesn’t understand how much other people really appreciate, care, and love her too. She is one very special lady. I’m delighted that she gets such enjoyment and fulfillment from writing and getting everyones feedback.
    I also know for sure that in two days, the Karma Truck is getting on a plane, and will hopefully be taking an entire week off to spend with her adoring husband.

    1. It was the part where I said I neer drive you crazy, right baby?? Not the puppy part…Is it Wednesday yet? I love you – in case I didn’t make that clear..

    2. Andy, when I read what you write, my heart overflows with happiness that my dearest friend is as lucky as she is to have you in her life. I know for sure that she knows it too. Have the best time adoring her 🙂 I feel pretty sure it will be mutual. Safe and wondrous travels to you both…

  4. OMG..this is wonderful, and yes, what a fantastic question to ponder, examine and find the answers to, at least the ones for today – I will be thinking of this – this I know for sure – for the next several days. Great food for thought and I hope you get another puppy!! I also know for sure how amazing you are, I know for sure how fortunate I am to call you my friend and I know for sure how much you mean to me and what a difference you make in my life. xoxo

    1. I’m here for you – and have no intention of going anywhere honey (except on vacation that is – but I’ll check in)..It is a good question to ask – especially when you need to tie yourself to some certainty…yes? And I too know how lucky I am that you are in my life..xox

  5. Everybody used my words so I am only left with…….I LOVE WHAT YOU DO LITTLE LADY!!
    Thank you for spreading sunshine our way as always and might as well wish you a very Happy Wednesday 😉

      1. Awesome!! but come Wednesday it should be a lot huger (not a word but in your case……it works!!) Off you go friend 😉 Keep spreading sunshine!!

    1. My hunch is there’s more that you’re sure of than you give yourself credit for Val..even if it is only certain truths within the moment. 😉

    1. Oh David, my wonderful wonderful friend – don’t you know that if you bang on the key it thinks you’re being hostile? These Macs are very sensitive. 🙂 I’m happy you liked this one..

  6. My dearest Mimi…

    I know for sure that no matter how long I think or what phrases I grasp for, I will never find the words to truly, adequately, fully express what a beautiful soul you are and how deeply, deeply grateful I am to have you in my life.

    You are a *blessing* and I adore you….

    xoxoxo, l

    1. Hi cherished friend, And now I have no words, for you know that I am the better for our friendship, your love and your incredible spirit. Blessings are best when they are reciprocated – as you are for me. All my love..xoxo, m

  7. Something is in my eyes, and my heart has a warmer glow as I type this, my friend. Your posts often have this effect on me. They make me smile and laugh, and feel connected in wonderful ways. I look forward to your posts as I look forward to each sunrise, and too often neglect to thank you for them, and to tell you how much they brighten my spirit and my day, Mimi. Your kind comments about my blog and me leave me speechless. So, I’ll just say, a heartfelt thank you for them, and for all that you bring to my life.


    1. It’s funny Russ, I now have something in my eyes too..Your warmth and kindness, your gentle instructiveness and genuine delight in the wonderful life you have created have enriched my world more than words can say. Thank you for being in my life and bringing so much joy along with you..m

  8. I know for sure that i absolutely loved this post and will, without a doubt, be thinking about what I know for sure today. Thank you!

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