Let’s Go Away On Vacation!

Ok, if we all can’t go, Andy and I are off for a week to warmer climes.  I’ll write from there I’m sure.  In the interim, wishing you all a week of happiness, giggles and as few frustrations as possible.  More from this Bahamas mama, once I get there.

41 thoughts on “Let’s Go Away On Vacation!”

  1. Have a fantastic time Bahama Mama!! Just keep in mind that if you do indulge in any Bahama Mama drinks……Do Not!! and I repeat….Do Not take the words…”Bottoms Up” literally!!!
    Trust me!! 😉
    Seriously little lady…….You and your guy have a restful and enjoyable week as well!!

      1. than mighty good thing you didn’t bring me with you, cause I sure would have scared off the other half!! 😉 HAVE A TERRIFIC TIME and Carry On Sunshine!!

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