Once again Bill (drbillwooten.com) offers up the most perfect thoughts from Mary Oliver for this morning..

Dr Bill Wooten

“Have I lived enough?
Have I loved enough?
Have I considered Right Action enough, have I
come to any conclusion?
Have I experienced happiness with sufficient gratitude?
Have I endured loneliness with grace?

I say this, or perhaps I’m just thinking it.
Actually, I probably think too much.

Then I step out into the garden,
where the gardener, who is said to be a simple man,
is tending his children, the roses.”

~ Mary Oliver


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  1. The picture alone is captivating. Co-joined with words makes it a perfect start to the week. I have read this before and have believed the gardener has the most important job in the world. How lucky to work alongside him/her? Hope your week is as breathtaking as the rose. To the moon and back.

  2. Hello Miss Princess….Have to tell you the beauty of this one inspired me today!! Thanks for the morning pick-me-up my friend!! 🙂 Hope it’s a great day!!

  3. Necessary thoughts to have, but not dwell. If you think these thoughts, you probably have or will do them all. Thanks, Mimi; hope that you are doing well!

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