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The Returning Conqueror

Today the Prince returns – victorious from his infamous weeklong battle against the baseball diamond.  But for a mild muscle pull here and an inexplicable ache there, he emerges unscathed with the loving attention of the locker room trainers still warming his skin.  His feats will soon become the stuff of legend – his remarkable batting and fielding stats, his control of the lands around second base.  There is no need for a moat when the Prince is there to protect the kingdom of baseball.

With a visit to see his parents before camp started, it’s been ten days since I’ve seen the Prince – and it’s time for him to come home.  I need no proof that I enjoy my own company, no test to see whether or not I can manage.  Been there, done that – and it was fine thank you very much.  But in order for this house to feel at peace, it needs the Prince.  This is where he belongs – whether he’s zoning out playing some game on his iPad or napping on the couch.  He needs to be here so I can make him laugh so hard he snorts.  So he can dance with me in the kitchen.  So he can reach the top of the garage door, because it’s stuck.  Because I miss hearing, “Hi doll girl” in the way that only the Prince can say it.  I will not go so far to say that I miss hearing his a cappella “King Of The Road” (but thinking about it makes me smile).

And I want him to go back next year if that’s what he wants to do.  This annual flight of fantasy gives him feelings of delighted anticipation, and the reality has yet to be less than all he imagined.  So go ahead Andy, sign up for 2014 – you are well on your way to being a legend in your own time.


38 thoughts on “The Returning Conqueror”

    1. Funny, I didn’t realize that in referring to him as the “Prince” that I in turn get to be the “Princess” – I’m kinda liking that!! 🙂 I love thinking that I provided you with a smile today!

      1. You most certainly did my new friend!! I follow a few others, but you my dear are one of my favorites!!! Have an amazing week with your Prince!! Luv and Light always!! 😉

  1. I love the thought of you and Andy back together again, honey, and the visuals that this post conjures up–especially you two dancing in the kitchen. :-). May you both be forever young at heart…. Xoxo, l

    1. Well as you know I have yet to get in touch with my inner adult, so the likelihood that conditions here will change and become too mature is highly unlikely…xoxo, m

  2. Ain’t love grand? I’m happy the realm is once again as it should be. Bahamas? Two Weeks! Yay and wow…wish I was a size small suitcase! 🙂 Welcome home #2…love your smile SK..shines thru…xoxo

  3. Happy, smiley post. Thanks. “My prince” took up the violin on his 66th birthday. Then a brief flirtation with the banjo. Now moving onto bass guitar to play with a second group. Should “debut” just before his 70th. Forever young and keep that Inner Adult at bay!

    1. How cool!! I am going to be trying to teach myself the piano. I’ve always loved the banjo – but it looked to complicated for my clumsy hands. Maybe a ukelele? 🙂

  4. So sweet. And I LOVE that song!!! Enjoy your reunion. BTW – I think I will be in Baltimore again next week for work and for my dad’s brithday. Maybe we can grab coffee or a drink?

      1. No, it looks like I don’t get there until Wednesday. I was hoping to get there earlier, but it looks like a short trip. 😦 Next time….hope you’re going somewhere fun!

    1. That’s exactly it Tina – the delight is so contagious! And there really is nothing that’s as awesome as seeing the people you love at their happiest..

  5. Princess Mimi.. [am loving that!!!] …this is delightful, to know love is all around, as it should be. You two give resonance to ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder” and context to two people living their lives to their heart’s content. I love the image of you two dancing in the kitchen 🙂 Keep dancing! xoxo

    1. Some days it’s just a shuffle, and we never ‘dip’ (my back no longer goes in that direction) – but it’s always good to keep dancing..xoxo

  6. The post was SO visual! I continue to find myself smiling…closing my eyes and ‘seeing’ it all…including the Sirs and the banners showing “the Prince has returned from slaying fast balls and line drives”.

    I loved this one especially as my prince prepares to go slay the Black Diamonds of MT this week!

    1. It’s good to have my conquering hero home…although he is trying to recoup some of the energy he left on the field doing glorious battle. I hope King Doug has a victorious run (many of them actually)…:-)

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