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The Magic Of This Moment


I’m easily amazed.  Others who know me might suggest that I’m ridiculously gullible (my beloved comes to mind).  When I was little, I would watch my dad pull grapes from my friends’ ears, I believed in Tinkerbell with unshakeable conviction and I knew with certainty that when I went to sleep each night, my toys came to life and had a party.  As I write this, I’m not exactly sure that the last sentence should be written in the past tense.  I’ve not changed much.

I don’t define magic as the mastery of optical illusion, the sleight of hand that can be explained by a slo-mo instant replay.  Magic is bigger than that.  Magic belongs up there with miracles, faith, love…Magic is what allows you to see two cardinals playing tag even though your heart is breaking.  Magic is the sound of a baby’s belly laugh.  Magic is in music that can lift you up and carry you to places you didn’t even know you could create.  There’s magic in the silence of the early hours of morning.  Like no other silence, it is protective and intimate and comforting.

Though I’m no magician, there is a spell that has been woven between us  that draws me to this connection time and time again.  I can’t explain how these friendships have formed, why these conversations are often more enriching than those that occur in face-to-face dialogue.  I leave it to magic – for magic allows for that which should remain inexplicable, fantastic.

How do I define the child that dances in my soul and escapes so I can play air guitar in the kitchen (I am really good at this by the way), use my brush as a microphone and turn my bathroom into a concert venue?  Magic.  Because Dahl was right – there is truly something magical to be felt in each moment that is heeded.  Each connection holds a bit of wonder that defies logic.  So, today I hope you suspend logic for a little while.  Catch a ray of sunshine and hold it close for minute.  Feel the magic.


37 thoughts on “The Magic Of This Moment”

  1. I also believe in magic–and loved Tinkerbell when I was a kid–in fact I was so jealous that they finally made a movie about her when I am so ancient now–when I was young I would have given my eyeteeth for a movie about her. Without magic or the feeling of magic, what is there? Seriously sometimes I believe we are blog sisters–we have so much in common.

    1. Isn’t that the truth!!
      And I too think it was just wrong that an entire generation of kids who clapped really hard during Peter Pan when he asked us to help ‘heal’ Tinkerbell by believing, had to be denied a movie about her. Just wrong – I will have to wait until I have a little person in the family, and then you can bet that movie is going to be in the video library.
      Laughing..magic – I love how it connects us…

      1. I have a grand niece — but she is eight hours away–good enough excuse for me–I have already sent her and her aunt (my niece) cards with Tinkerbell on them–if I wait for my sons to have kids I will be waiting awhile

  2. I, too, am a believer in the magic of simple surprises and moments that delight. A baby’s belly laugh is way up there, the antics of my dogs when they’re playing, that moment of unbelievable resonance when the song that most perfectly captures your mood pops up on the radio, the joy of an unexpected call from a friend when you’re feeling like no one understands or cares–these are magic.

    “The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”. — Eden Phillpotts

    May your day be full of magical moments, dear friend….xoxox, l

    1. Ah, the perfect song that you didn’t realize you were thinking about that presents itself at the exactly right time, the wiggles that the pups have to let out everyday that shake the sparrows out of the trees…the magic of unbreakable friendship. And the perfect quote..;-) xoxo, me

  3. Your post reminds me of a quote by Mother Teresa: Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. Faith is magic..however one defines faith. Yes it is.

  4. My family is always teasing me about how excited I tend to get over the smallest things. It’s who we are … right? We are constantly entertained by our surroundings and performers love when we show up in the audience. It’s a win/win. Great post! I love that Mother Teresa quote above.

  5. I love Roald Dahl so it’s no great surprise that you would choose a quote of his. Magic and miracles ; a wonderfully alliterative couple that allows us to embrace each day and, even in its most dismal moments, catch a glimpse at the light at the end of the tunnel for there we know we will find the truth and that magical initial excitement that commences with a new journey. We’ve been on many, haven’t we? And the closeness isn’t proximity, it’s metaphorical, but quite real, full of joy with some large doses of sadness and disappointment mixed in, but, at the end of the day, we can open our hearts to the laughter, the miracles and the magic. Because thats what optimism and hope provide; the deep belief in a better tomorrow. and, bow wonderful that it can start with a bays belly laugh (for me its the giggles). What a nice way to start the day – full of positivity – which my friend is part of the magic you do. To the moon and back … Hoping Saturday finds you feeling better and is filled with a magical moment or two. xoxxox

    1. You provided the magic this morning Jo..thank you! And there can be no magic without efforts that fail, there can be no rollicking joy without its corollary. The essential piece is remembering to notice when the delight happens, marveling at the wonder when it presents itself, rather than losing the ability to exult. And that is where there is always a better tomorrow; that’s where the magic happens. To the moon and back..xoxo

  6. This post is magic, along with the thoughtful comments it provokes. This is the type of magic that fills us with peace for the moment. Thanks, Mimi, enjoy much magic this weekend!

  7. Knowledge and wisdom—
    “And magic,” murmured Old Hector, “Which is the scent of the flower, the young feet of the runner, and the deep smile in the face.”

    SOURCE: The Green Isle of the Great Deep by Neil M. Gunn

  8. Don’t question what it is in your makeup that allows you to retain the childlike pleasures – just continue to enjoy them! It generally takes a moment of animal magic to remind us of the fun in life?

  9. I have always believed in magic and for Tinkerbell well I do love her even is she is a little dissapointing at times and by Tinkerbell I mean my second daugher who calls herself Tinkerbell…………..lol

    1. You have your very own Tinkerbell – you lucky lady!! And I have a hunch she always redeems herself when she lets you down – Tinkerbells can do that!

  10. I am often saying, “oh, it’s the little things” when I find myself marveling at things that feel like magic, or at the very least…serendipity, which is sometimes almost as good. Like Lori said, when a song come on and it matches a mood, or even better, when a set of lyrics mimic our thoughts or feelings of the moment, I trust that this is not just coincidence, but something larger at play, remind us we are part of something bigger than us.

    And to this: “I can’t explain how these friendships have formed, why these conversations are often more enriching than those that occur in face-to-face dialogue. I leave it to magic – for magic allows for that which should remain inexplicable, fantastic” I say amen sister!


  11. The magic of the everyday ordinary is all around us and then there is the other magic that we create in our minds and if we are lucky we allow ourselves to believe it just a little bit.

    Near the end of the summer when we got three little blueberry bushes and planted them in our back yard, I told the boys that in the evening and in the early morning light, those bushes would wiggle their roots up and out of the dirt and dance and dance and dance as only a blueberry bush can dance. It is a magical dance that we will never see but we can believe that it happens and it filled the boys with awe and wonder and respect for our three little blueberry bushes. I like to think that maybe, just maybe they do dance. And perhaps that is why their berries taste so good. Silly maybe, but I would have it no other way.

  12. I want to to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it. I have you book-marked to check out new things you post…

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