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Never Forget The Little Things


I realize you may be thinking, “Of course, she would say this – she is a little thing”.  True enough, though height isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (bada boom).

I had my quarterly blood-letting this morning and got downtown early enough to stop at Starbucks.  I already took that as a good sign, for there was no traffic, my favorite guy at the parking garage came out to take my keys and we had the chance to catch up for a moment (his wife just had their second child) and the air – the air this morning was so fresh it was begging to be noticed.

When I got into Starbucks,  the woman behind the counter called out to me “Good morning sweetheart, what would make you smile today?”  Some people may not respond well to terms of affection from total strangers – I’m not one of them.  There was something in the way she said “sweetheart” that just tickled my core.  I asked for my venti, non-fat cappuccino, and told her that she had just made my day.  This prompted a conversation between her, the barista and I about the counters in the store (too high for me to reach my coffee, which gave us all a good laugh), how much better it was to greet the day instead of kvetching about its arrival (no one used the word ‘kvetching’, I’m paraphrasing here) and how one small exchange can manifest itself in a thousand ways.  This woman absolutely glowed kindness; she couldn’t hide it if she tried.  I told her and with a clap and a quick step from behind the register, we gave each other the most delicious hug we possibly could.

As I walked out, I held the door for a man trying to finagle himself inside while pulling his briefcase with one hand, texting on his Blackberry and holding The Washington Post with the other.  I wished him a “Good Morning” and clearly startled him (whether by the gesture or the words I don’t know), for I caught his paper as it began to fall to the ground.

In the doctor’s office, the receptionist told me all about her vacation, I listened to the phlebotomist tenderly complain about her new puppy who was still trying to figure out why no one wanted to play with him in the middle of the night.  You get the drift – it’s been a morning of the most sacred little things.  The moments that separate an okay day from a lovely one, the delight in extending one’s self just a tiny bit and receiving so much in return.  This isn’t even about paying it forward – it’s just about choosing warmth over isolation, a smile over an unfocused gaze, the underestimated value of spending one extra moment looking at the world around you and trying to shape it into someplace you want to live.

And as I sit here, the sun casting both warmth on my back and shadows on my keyboard, listening to Enesco’s ‘Roumanian Rhapsody No. 1’, I can’t help but feel that it is the little things that remain the most essential.  The generosity of a stranger, the pictures proudly shown by a new papa, the throw-your-head-back kind of laughter that erupts when you share joy.  Oh yeah, the coffee was extra delicious too.  In fact, that’s the way the whole day is turning out to be.  I wish that for you as well.  Happy Tuesday.


42 thoughts on “Never Forget The Little Things”

  1. Thank you for sharing the beginning of a great day for you. Your post also made mine brighter. The words, the music, and something else. It marks the very first post I’ve gotten of yours via email! Despite having clicked the “Follow” buttons(s) many times since I found your delightful blog, for some reason I wasn’t able to see your posts without going to your site. Now I’ll get a steady stream of your wonderful posts. HOORAY! I’ll see and be able to respond to them sooner. Life is good!

  2. Happy Tuesday, Mimi! I an one of those random huggers. I can sense when someone needs a hug, and I ask if I can do that. The answer is always, “yes!” We need more hugs and more intimate small talk and more reasons to feel loved. I am so grateful for you Starbucks friend! We all need more real friends! How tall are you, anyway? 😉

    1. I’m 4’11” if I stand up very straight. And if I’m wearing heels I can break the 5′ barrier…
      I think hugs are the most wonderful expressions of caring in the world. And I actually have a bit of a thing about people who don’t really hug, but offer their shoulder and a pat…

      1. Any physical touch is good! I have a sister, and two cousins, who stand as tall as you do. I was left feeling huge oaf, but I am past that now. Cute is one thing I will never be 😉 Xoxoxo

      2. Perhaps, but ‘cute’ is an adjective, much like ‘perky’ that I would love to exchange for ‘gorgeous’, ‘statuesque’, etc…You guys get all the better adjectives..:-)

  3. Happy Tuesday to you too, Mimi. You put a BIG smile on my face. It doesn’t take a tall person to do really Big things. Too many people sell themselves short. It is the little things that are often oh, so big. I loved this. You have impacted my day in a positive way. Thank you for the little thing that had a big impact.

  4. From the Fitzgerald quote you had me hanging onto every word. Your specific utilization of choosing warmth over isolation resonates with me and I’ll privately message you later to explain. Somehow you always know. With today’s blog you touched my soul and hugged my heart and from one who knows the power of a good hug – here’s one for you. Andy’s right, you know. Sunshine emanates from you and those of us lucky enough to basque in that warmth are grateful and blessed. So glad your Tuesday started off so wonderfully. May the rest of the day unfold with warmth and kindness back to you. And, its always the little things that create music in the soul. To the moon and back!

    1. I swear you write so beautifully – what can I do to convince you to start writing Jo??? I’m the lucky one you know…and I’m thrilled that today’s post delighted you too. That as you know, makes me happier than the moon and back..m

  5. This was post had just the inspirational message I needed for the past few days ; my morning started out by being yelled/scolded by my school bus driver so thank you for sharing and helping me remember how easily everything can be beautiful .

    1. I’m sorry you wound up with a crabby bus driver this morning and I hope the day was turned around by a simple grace from somewhere. And tomorrow happily, is another day.

      1. Indeed, the view of the day changes simply when you will yourself to be less prideful and appreciate everyday things . Of course reading this made me quite a bit envious , so that’s a push in itself (: thanks

      2. No need to feel envious..I would say that part of the price of humanity is having lousy days and dealing with unpleasant people. There’s this moment though – and I hope it involves a glass of wine, some beautiful quiet and the chance to let this day slide away..

  6. Girl, you nailed it!!
    Oh and I’m little too but let me share a little saying my grandmother always told me to say when I was young because I was so self conscious of my height.
    .”I would rather be short and shiny, than tall and casting a shadow”….didn’t make me feel better back than, but now I can totally relate to it !! 😉
    Have an amazing Tuesday sweetheart (imagine that woman’s voice when you read the last line okay!!) Carry On!!

    1. Hi my petite pal!! I LOVE that quote from your grandmother! I never heard that before – it’s great! And you DO shine! Thank you thank you – and I send a ‘sweetheart’ right back to you!

      1. Well thank you darlin’ and there is one thing I forgot to tell you earlier. You do realize that regardless of size, your words of inspiration make people smile, and I’d be willing to bet, in ALL their eyes, you are 10 feet tall!!
        Always remember that!!
        Blog On little lady and have a fantastic week!!!

  7. I love this post. You make a wonderful point about how to look at the world in a positive perspective, I like that!

    1. It’s the choice we make Marquita – and I don’t always choose correctly. Some days just are, well, lousy. But I try to remember as often as possible that I can only control my reaction to what is happening around me – and I sure as heck would rather be happy..

  8. I love that kind of day, and love that it has been your experience today. I could feel the delight in each encounter and how present you were to each person, and they to you. If we all had just one interaction such as those each day, imagine the difference that could make. When someone like you shares these experiences though, I think it puts more of this into the air, hopefully making us each more mindful of the effect we all have on each other! I will make a point to smile and laugh with someone today; the hug, well, will just have to see how that goes! 🙂 xoxo

    1. You put it out there all the time BonBon – we all feel it..As for the hug – I send you a mega one virtually and a smile as big as all outdoors..xoxo

  9. Yesterday I had a patient (one of my favorites) say to me “I feel like I’m a chronic kvetcher.” I had no idea what it meant, but she gave me a little lesson, I agreed with her 100% and we both had a good laugh.
    Thanks for the reminder to look at the day with positive eyes!

  10. Well I am glad you had a good Tuesday it is now Wednesday and my Wednesday has kicked off to a great start, it is no were as hot as it has been the last few days, Jessica & Leo left early to go home and Tim is at work…………..see all good and I have vaccummed out and did 2 loads of washing and got it out on the line a great morning indeed…………

  11. You shine, honey, brighter than the sun, and I say that from the *bottom* of my heart. Today you touched souls that you didn’t even encounter face to face, and you didn’t even know you were doing it.

    “The kindness I have longest remembered has been of this sort, the sort unsaid; so far behind the speaker’s lips that almost it already lay in my heart. It did not have far to go to be communicated.” –Henry David Thoreau

    You, my dear, are an angel….

    1. You are in my heart…always. Don’t know if imam angel per se (Andy would probably debate that one :-)) – but I know I’ve met my share…xoxox,m

  12. As I’m reading your post, my thoughts are repeating so true, so true. And these simple moments of kindness – seem to have a multiplier effect on our happiness that is so disproportionate to the effort it takes to deliver it. Love the post.

  13. Just happened upon your blog and this was the first post I read. The way you described your day, the places, the people- I felt like I was there. The positivity and joy you exude is wonderful. I am so glad you had such a beautiful day.

  14. I feel like that barista just greeted and hugged me; thanks for spreading the love (even if I’m almost a week behind) hehe

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