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Testing The Waters

The Sirs…my fur-kids.  They look adorable do they not?  Sweet and docile, playful and affectionate.  I love them, spoil them and they reciprocate in dog-kind.  Wherever I go, there they are.  As I write this, Teddy is sharing my chair, fast asleep despite the fact that half of my body is no longer on the seat.  It’s ok – he’s comfortable and I think it’s cute.  Archie is snoring with his head on my left foot.  True, my foot fell asleep about twenty minutes ago, but why disturb him?  In my efforts to live in the moment, this is one of those times when my attention is drawn to the comfort of their presence, the clickety-clack my nails make on the keyboard, the hum of the dishwasher.  It’s all good..

Without defining it as a New Year’s resolution per se, I have decided that I need to be more conscious of being in the moment.  Anticipating the future and re-assessing the past are exercises in mental frustration, and frankly leave no part of me more firm and toned as a result.  ‘Shoulds’ and ‘coulds’ permeate my internal running monologue, punctuated with “what were you thinking?”, “what are you going to say?”, “are you crazy-stupid or just crazy?”.  The absolute, breath-taking awesomeness arrives when I invite myself to shut up and just notice the moment in which I find myself.  And on the rare occasions when I do, I feel really, really good.  So I’m trying – which includes those times when trying just doesn’t work…

I usually bring the dogs into the bedroom when I take a shower.  Archie comes into the bathroom and wedges himself between the toilet and the wall (don’t ask me why for it involves a lot of grunting and contorting on his part) and sleeps, well, like a dog – from the moment the shower spray is turned on through all other activities until the moment when the hair dryer is turned off.  Sir Theodore sleeps on the bed (I usually put cnbc on for him, for it could put the most alert being to sleep after a while).  Such machinations buy me peace, for if Sir Archibald is in repose, he does not see the leaf blowing by the window which elicits excited, contagious barks.  Ted starts barking too (though he doesn’t know why).  Typically they’re not big barkers – but when they see something that has the potential to be transportive, forget it.  We’ve got a cacophony of headache-inducing proportion.

But yesterday was such a quiet day, and I was feeling so out of sorts (have you ever wondered what ‘in sorts’ means?  Sorry, there I go again), I just turned the shower  handle all the way to ‘hot’ and waited for the heat and steam to ease the chills that were alternately visiting my body after the dripping sweat cooled on my skin.  “A perfect moment”, I thought to myself.  “Just take in this delicious sensory experience, the feel of the water on your skin” (hot enough to feel like pin pricks but not so hot to be considered pin pricks of torture), “even if you can’t smell your shampoo, enjoy the luxurious lather on your hair – go ahead and make a mohawk”…I was getting as into the moment as a flu-infected person could.  I even began to sing “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do”.  The acoustics are fantastic.

singing in shower

And then all hell broke loose.

Archie fought his way out from his self-imposed wedge and charged downstairs barking as if he was the welcome committee for the Martians who just happened to pull into the driveway.  Teddy, less intrepid but definitely supportive of his buddy, began jumping all over the bed (after all, it is far safer to bark from a reasonable distance until you determine if whatever-it-is is friend or foe).  To paraphrase a different song – I had let the dogs out.

“Let it go Mimi, be in the moment”, I insisted.  Archie was bordering on the apoplectic – whatever was there, it was big.  In response, I opened my eyes just as a cascade of shampoo fell into my eyes. Teddy came running into the bathroom insisting that without my intervention the world as we know it would cease.  “Breathe deep..if this was Andy he wouldn’t even notice – take your time.”  My heart began to beat more quickly.  I began racing to rinse my hair (an impossible task), scrape the razor across my knees (don’t try this) and complete this soothing experience which had quickly turned into a clip from a Three Stooges movie.  With blood dripping from my leg, eyes abraded from shampoo and a chorus of enthusiastic barks telling me to hurry up, I grabbed my robe and tore downstairs leaving a trail that would make it easy for CSI to figure out what happened when they ultimately found me sprawled at the bottom of the stairs.

UPS delivered a pair of sneakers.  The box was left in the garage.

Of course, the boys settled down as soon as I retrieved the package.  They resumed their original positions and were blissfully dreaming in puppyland before I pulled myself back upstairs.  “Ah Grasshopper”, I thought, “You blew this big time”.

So the universe brought me a lesson along with my new sneakers.  Keep the canine distractions locked in the room with me?  Well, duh.  But more importantly, if you really want to be in the moment you have to work at it.  You have to keep your eyes closed when shampooing your hair (which is another way of saying that a moment is best savored when you don’t disturb it). And you really do have to acknowledge that serendipity, UPS delivery people and happenstance can test your best efforts.  Don’t let it deter you – give the present it’s due and if you get distracted, you might as well laugh and try again.





46 thoughts on “Testing The Waters”

  1. I loved this Mimi! I try to hard to be in the moment, but fail often. Today I quit smoking, for the God know how many-th time. Before, I have always tried to ignore cravings, but today I thought, why not just feel them for a change? Feel what your body is going through to get rid of the toxins, and acknowledge all of it, as uncomfortable as it may be. It’s like having a baby. Roll with the contractions, and do not fight them. So I am being at one with my cravings. We’ll see how this tactic works. It’s better than denial. 😉

    1. Awesome!! Good luck! I think you’re definitely onto something – roll with it, acknowledge it and perhaps they pass sooner..Let me know how you’re doing!! 😉

    1. Laughing..I’m not sure if that’s a good thing Bill. It leaves many opportunities to be completely embarrassed. That said, it leaves far greater room for laughter, so I guess you’re stuck with me the way I am. And I would have posted a song too, but I screwed that up – again! 🙂

  2. Giggling with the hysteria that only a fellow dog owner can summon…. 🙂

    Our last escapade involved the FedEx guy arriving at the door (the temerity!) while *I* was in the shower. Beau went so ballistic that he freaked Lola out, who did what any young woman would do in a time of crisis–she jumped *into* the shower with me (yes, we have one of those ultra cool, no shower door or curtain, Nautilus shell-curved glass contraptions that look oh so cool in the lifestyle magazines and give you absolutely *no* barrier if one is needed). Soapy me, soapy Cavalier (have I ever mentioned that they’re a long-haired breed and lowwww to the ground, so whither she goest, also goes a trail. You’re getting the visual now, I can sense it…..)

    What can I say, our animals keep us young, right, and at times it’s laugh or cry. Thx for the reminder that, in the end, it’s all relative…. xoxox, l

    1. Laughing so hard…I have the visual of Lola-bug throwing all caution to the wind and opting for a shower instead of a meeting with the ever-imposing Fed-Ex guy..And Beau not having a clue why his sister decided that it was a good time for a bath..xoxo

  3. This was so funny and your storytelling was as if I was right there with you (don’t worry I averted my eyes during the shower parts). I bet the Sirs were so happy and proud of themselves to be the ones that alerted you to the package at your door.

    I love the new look! I am not as brave as you with the shaking up of my blog look but there are a few minor things I have been wanting to do. One of them is moving my awards from the sidebar to their own tab like you did. I like how you kept balloons as part of your theme.

    1. This wasn’t bravery – this was a very dear and astute friend encouraging me to make the page ‘less busy’. And honestly, were it not for my son, I would still be offline, pulling my quickly greying hair out of my head. But I love your blog and honestly wouldn’t change a thing (I think the awards require making a new page – but my word isn’t worth much on these matters, I’m afraid). And the balloons – we’re all soaring (arguably at different heights sometimes), so they had to remain..hugs, m

  4. I am laughing out loud for so many reasons…lol! You couldn’t have planned this hysterical moment with a well orchestrated crew…life is more interesting when we surrender.
    Your puppies are so darn cute too! No doubt they were very proud about that package

    1. They are pretty darn cute – which is why I forgive them just about everything. I wish I could say they were impressed with the new sneakers, but alas their sartorial sense is somewhat limited. 🙂

  5. Ah, but you missed their lesson in dogma, as they were showing you their view of living in the moment. They were relaxing, the UPS guy showed up, they did their duty to the household announcing their was a stranger at the door, then when it was over, they went back to their catnaps. Talk about living in the moment, as they didn’t barge out of their enjoyment of a luxurious bath to answer the door. 😛

  6. I hope you’re feeling better, and I do the same kind of stupid things with Buns and Muffin. It’s the mommy in us, even if our children are furry.

  7. Love love love this, the Sirs and you! In the moment holds serenity, calm and promise. Giggling all the way through “in the moment”. To the moon and back and certainly inviting the Sirs along for the ride. ❤

  8. Those dogs were always in the moment, from sleeping, back to barking at the UPS deliveryman, back to sleeping. Got to envy dogs.

  9. I was laughing so hard when I read this that Dan came in the room to see what was going on. I tried to read it to him but I was doing that snorting thing so it took me a minute. You and The Sirs are one of a kind my friend!

    1. We’re unique Jill, I’ll give you that! And happy to provide a snort or two of laughter for you today. You’ve sure given me those opportunities many times over!

  10. I wonder if delivery people compare stories of dogs barking, people jumping up from a dead sleep, people showing up in the door half showered…? 8)

  11. I needed a good laugh this morning although such laughing hasn’t helped the chest pain I have but oh well it did feel good to laugh so much I had tears running down my face………..

  12. I am laughing out loud…and what a perfect gift my dear! How you turn a shower into a not only an escapade, but a lesson in mindfulness…only you can do this! I felt my own heart rate racing and receding as I read and followed the events of the day for you and the Sirs. You put a smile on my face today! 🙂 xoxo

    1. That’s a gift for me BonBon – the image of you laughing. It is true that I can find something in the most mundane daily experiences that just cracks me up – and it’s even better when others see the humor in it too!! xoxo

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