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‘Make much of something small.

The pouring-out of tea,

a drying flower’s shadow on the wall

from last week’s bouquet.

A fact; it isn’t summer anymore.

Say that December sun

is pitiless, but crystalline

and strikes like a bell.

Say it plays colours like a glockenspiel.

It shows the dust as well,

the elemental sediment

your broom has missed,

and lights upon each grain of sugar spilled

upon the tablecloth, beside

pistachio shells, peel of a clementine.

Slippers and morning paper on the floor,

and wafts of heat from rumbling radiators,

can this be all?  No look – here comes the cat,

with one ear inside out.

Make much of something small.  — ‘Bounty’ by Robyn Sarah

I receive “The Writer’s Almanac” in my inbox each morning and today’s poem seemed so appropriate as so many enjoy the holidays of the season.  I wish you love and hope and laughter, really good hugs, friends and family to share in your delight (and the food – I heard a rumor that if you share it, the calories are also divided amongst all who partake).  I wish you time to marvel at the small moments that should never go unnoticed, for they hold truths far larger than we can imagine.  I hope you get some drool-y naps in there too, awakened by the sounds of quiet commiseration between loved ones.  And of course, I hope you receive all that you wish for, and wish for all that you have.



26 thoughts on “Bounty”

    1. I am blessed sweetie – I truly want for nothing, other than the health, happiness and love for family and friends..Well, I would like another puppy, but Andy isn’t getting on board that train just yet..:-) xoxo

      1. Do you have any idea how much I want another puppy? And yes, I want a Cavalier just like Miss Thing…But let’s guess who is putting the cabash on my need to have the round table more fully occupied? You got it…The King..xoxo

  1. I am a HUGE believer the in the little things. This is a wonderful poem. I love your drool-y nap waking to the quiet sounds of loved ones commiserating and I would like nothing better than to share some calories with you over some of that tea with a giant spoonful of hugs…great way to start the day Mim, thanks…xoxo

  2. I would expect nothing less from this beautiful gift I receive in my mailbox most mornings. What a beautiful holiday wish. While I reflect upon my bounty, I am very aware that on the days I veer off path, there’s always this safe place where a dear friend “drives a truck” that gently guides me back to the winding road I travel on. So for you, my dearest friend, my wish/”suggestion” if you will is the same one I gave to all my “kids” every year as they skipped out of school beginning their winter breaks – “don’t settle for less than the best this holiday season because that is what you deserve.” Enjoy the solitude, the company and the beauty of a “drooly nap”. But whatever you do, may you do it with gusto and with those you love. And, know I wish I could be there. To the moon and back….xoxox

    1. Love you Jo..and hope that you feel the sun shining down on you regardless of the weather..the love of Ben and Jenna and me (and so many others)…the delight to be found in something as delicious as a hug. I will see you soon and in the interim, know that you are with me always..xoxo, m

  3. and the food – I heard a rumor that if you share it, the calories are also divided amongst all who partake) –

    Seriously??? 🙂

    Love this message…EVEN reading it after the holiday has gone quiet…I may even appreciate it more! xoxo

    1. Yup – true about the food thing..the more people who partake, the fewer the calories…I’ve believed that for years..:-) I hope you holiday was magical..xoxo

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