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The Thing About Snow

I am not a snow bunny.  Never have been.  I don’t ski – the mere thought of choosing to go downhill on two highly polished slats of fiberglass prompts paroxysms of vertigo.  I had beautiful white ice skates when I was a kid – with blue and white pom-poms.  They far exceeded in loveliness the grace with which I used them.  I’m clumsy on dry pavement, so you can imagine my impromptu choreography when the weather is inclement.  I’m a walking slapstick skit.

But I love the first serious snow of the season.  I love how the snow forces commitment.  It commits itself to the ground with purpose, hugging the ground as if it will never let it go.  It demands that the world be quiet, muting everything but this delicious silence that you can’t help but notice.  It reduces the myriad of alternatives and choices that we make throughout the day.  Somehow the highest imperative becomes to snuggle in to the moment and let it have its way.  Snow gives you permission.  To remain mesmerized while looking out the window and forget about how much time has elapsed, to hide under the blanket with a good book, to drink hot chocolate (with three marshmallows).  Snow – silently, persistently commits you to a relationship with coziness, arguably a state that we don’t find enough excuses to enjoy.

The first snow.  It’s something I can commit to.



25 thoughts on “The Thing About Snow”

  1. Ahhhh, what a perfect evocation of this delightful winter ritual, M! I, too, love the first snow–the prevailing sense of quiet that cloaks everything (will never forget a stay in Manhattan during a heavy snow–to see that city quieted and slowed was to experience a miracle), the hot cocoa (make those marshmallows JUMBO size please), and the delight of the dogs, who careen around from one drift to the next with an unadulterated joy that makes my heart sing. I’m throwing something fragrant in the slow cooker, grabbing a good book, and getting ready to immerse myself in the transformation. :-). May your day be cozy, too! Xoxox, L

    1. You’re right!! I forgot the smells from the slow cooker!! During Snowmaggedon, Teddy sunk so far into the snow that we literally had to shovel a path for him. Archie just cavorts with complete abandon, chasing the larger snowflakes and stymied by their disappearance. Enjoy your day sweets, will check in later..xoxo, m

  2. Beautiful. I also like how the first snow, or any snow, really, shows you exactly where you’ve been and how you got there. You can’t escape the footprints of the journey. You commit to stepping on a particular path, and indecision or second choices are evident to all. Happy snow-day!

  3. Perfect. That first real snow fall is lovely in its silence and softness. We got a dusting of snow on Christmas morning that tricked us in to thinking it was the first heavy snow fall – it came fast with big thick flakes and then it tucked its white under its arm arm and strolled off leaving us staring at slush. I am not a snow bunny either – I dislike being wet and cold and have no desire to go full speed down a hill. It will be up to Husband to teach the boys to ski. I will watch with a spiked hot cocoa from the comfort of a chair by a toasty fire. 🙂

      1. My children tell me not to make a “bucket” list because that makes you dwell on death being at the end of the journey. They said instead to make a “live life to the full” list ….makes sense.
        Come and see me when you make it to Australia! 🙂

      2. Great point (and another reason for retiring the words ‘bucket list’..:-) If I make it there, you will be the first to know!!

  4. As a child, loved snow. As an adult, dislike it. I make allowance for the first day of snow, beautiful, great for photos, still good to walk around in, then goes downhill rapidly thereafter.

  5. This is exactly when and why I want to take a long drooly nap and eat leftovers (total fantasy this year) I’ll plan better next year.

  6. Slowly emerging from my Christmas coma..and enjoying catching up here! I love love this:

    the mere thought of choosing to go downhill on two highly polished slats of fiberglass prompts paroxysms of vertigo.

    You = me laughing and smiling! it doesn’t make much sense when you put it this way, does it?
    I used to love skiing, but now, I just can’t stand being that cold anymore!

    You painted a wonderful scene with your words, one that brings out the best of this gift of Mother Nature’s to be appreciated the way it should be! Wishing you a few good snow days to snuggle in and admire from under a blanket! 🙂

    1. I’m hoping that you had a wonderful Christmas and that love was just all around you..And to wake from the coma laughing – that’s awesome! And it’s true – volitionally slipping downhill is not something I could choose to do…But I did have a lovely snow day – that’s for sure!! xoxo

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