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Why Ask Why?

“Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait point.  French.  Pascal.  The heart has its reasons , whereof reason knows nothing.” — Madeline L’Engle

When my sons were little, ‘why’ was their favorite question.  You all know the exercise – the repeated inquiry that dissects a question into the most inane and discreet detail; the exchange that lasts longer than one’s patience and ultimately resolves itself once the child loses interest in the game.

But age hasn’t tempered this query for me.  I ask ‘why’ all the time – just not necessarily a loud (I say enough things a loud to perpetuate worry in those who hear me).  Why do I know there’s wind despite my inability to see it?  Why do I persist in my efforts to understand the puzzle of human behavior?  And, with all that persistence, why can’t I at least figure out my own?  Why do we establish expectations that are constructed as a house of cards?  The only difference is that I have now discovered the answer.


These aren’t the questions for which there are more concrete answers.  Reason doesn’t dictate the posing of such questions.  Facts don’t satisfactorily assuage either, for these are just the surface results of queries that are too complicated to form in any sensible way.

Why does the heart want what it wants?


Because within the human condition is faith.  Faith explains that which we believe to be true that we can’t see or explain.  But we know.  We know that there is such a thing as love whether or not our personal histories have experienced it, for our hearts ache for it sight unseen.  We know that there are miraculous moments in a day – from the subtle connections that make you feel like someone just read your mind to the complicated ties that allow friends to ‘just know’ when something is up.  The brilliance of a cardinal’s color on a leafless tree.  Why did that one star begin to twinkle more brightly just as I was thinking of someone who is no longer here?  Why?  Why does the sunrise evoke promise and the sunset occasionally resemble the saddest colors in the world?  Why was I lucky enough to learn that some of the most simple days are the happiest?  Why do some people snort when they giggle?  (Ok, I threw that one in there just to see if you were still with me).


And one of the nice things about being older is that you bring all the ages you have already been with you.  So you know that ‘because’ can suffice.  That there is a place for complex debate and study and philosophizing and a place for simple acceptance on faith.  So today I accept the awesomeness of being here without further scrutiny.  It just is.  And if you are wondering why that in and of itself is ok with me?  Because.  Have a great day all.

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49 thoughts on “Why Ask Why?”

  1. Love,love, love this post, M! From the opening quote (exquisite) to the questions posited–“Why did that one star begin to twinkle more brightly just as I was thinking of someone who is no longer here?  Why?  Why does the sunrise evoke promise and the sunset occasionally resemble the saddest colors in the world?” — It is just beautiful, evocative, inspiring and so true. As the year draws to a close, I reflect on all that has changed in my life in the past 12 months and come to the conclusion that, despite some hiccups, I am one lucky lady, because….. Xoxox, L

    1. As I wonder how the universe knew we were supposed to be friends…it just did. And there is no other explanation – no matter how evocatively stated – other than because. Because I have faith it knew..And even with the hiccups we are very very very lucky..xoxoxo, m

  2. We certainly can waist precious times asking ourselves “why?” This last week has proven that to be true. This is a lovely reminder to find the wows within it all. The cardinal in the empty tree is an amazing find.

  3. Because. How much power in such a simple word. As I head toward the sunshine, how do I know life will be better tomorrow? Because. I like that. However, to the moon and back…That answer will always be “all there is”. And, I like that, too. Have a great weekend! xoxoxox

    1. You too sweetie – so happy you got to celebrate your anniversary last was a hint of all good things to the moon and back..xoxo, m

  4. Accepting “because” is a hard one for me. I want to have my “whys” answered to my satisfaction (just as my boys do.) I guess my faith falls with nature – I trust that nature will keep on doing what it is here to do and that since we are a part of that nature, so we go on as well. But I don’t have faith in people and our ability to keep our hands off of nature so that she can just be.

    1. THe fine line between letting nature and the universe do as it is wont to do, and allowing our curiosity to roam freely. I don’t have the answer – which is why I feel we sometimes have to recognize that wonder is sometimes the best we are left with.

  5. I can’t imagine a day without the thoughts you share, from your head and your heart. I love this post more than I can say. Why? Because. Because your words hug. Because your questions are my questions. Because your nature to see the wonder in the simplest things inspires. Because you share all you have with those you love, without condition, and that reminds the rest of us of what is important. And lucky does not begin to describe how I feel. Blessed. Because…you are. xo

    1. Blessed because you are in my life. Because your pictures make me say ‘yes’ and your heart is open wider than all outdoors. Because friendship finds you when you don’t expect it. Because just as the heart can be shattered, it can be healed and whole again and again. Because our questions allow us to hold onto the curiosity of children with the additional perspective that sometimes the answers aren’t held in our hands. And blessed because loving unconditionally is the gift of the very young and those who are growing in wisdom if not maturity :-)…it is the only way to love. love you..xo

      1. that’s it…i’m buying stock in kleenex or puffs or quilted northern (hey, dual purpose for those on a budget). between the laughter and the tears and the laughing tears, i need a paper product pantry. and i shall have one! xo

      1. Thank you Jo…I know from reading and feeling the love between you and this wonderful woman, you are as much a blessing as she is. That kind of friendship is the ultimate ‘because’.

      2. Since grade school – with a few decades lost in between. But we picked up where we left off and found that our lives had parallels that were uncanny. Love – in all of its ways – is the ultimate ‘because’, you’re right Rhonda…love you..xxo

  6. Mimi I am glad you have the peace that comes with accepting things as they are. I look forward to hearing the karmatruck having a new truck load of wisdom, when ever I check here, and you always do.

  7. Hey Twinky! Why did I nominated you for the Blog of the Year 2012 again? “Because” YOU are awesome!! Merry Christmas. hugs. Renee 🙂

  8. I get it! Faith says it all and being older plays a big part in understanding and accepting “because”. Having an understanding of these things cannot always be expressed in words. You always get me to think when I might not have. Happy and Blessed Holidays to you and your family! xo Fran

    1. You’re awesome Fran – and my hunch is that you ‘get’ most things with or without my two cents (but I love you for saying otherwise)..I hope you are enjoying the best of this season and are infused with happiness all year long..xo, m

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