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So Much To Appreciate

Last week, Ivon Prefontaine ( graciously included me among of list of bloggers he appreciates.  His blog – “Teacher As Transformer” –  delights, teases the imagination, encourages wonder and provides glimpses of beauty that can leave one sighing.  I look forward to his posts, never knowing what I will read yet confident that I will feel inspired in some way.  So first and foremost – thank you Ivon, for expanding my view, sharing your perspective and generously including me in this wonderful circle of impressive talent.

Interestingly, what Ivon appreciates about this blog helps me to meet the requirement of completing the sentence “A blog is…”.  Although I’m hopeful that he enjoys the content most of the time,  my posts weren’t the driver for his inclusion of me ‘in the circle’.  Ivon appreciates the dialogues that occur after a post is published, that I respond to each comment.  Of course I write back – that’s the greatest  joy of blogging to me.

In my head, a blog is a conversation.  The post in and of itself represents the context for further discussion – and it is the feedback that propels the movement from one topic to another.  I have no illusions about my talent as a writer – I wouldn’t buy a book of mine even if I had the focus to write one.  I write as I speak, tangents included.  What I am though,  is really curious about how we think about the world, how we react to the big and little experiences that occur throughout our days.  I will share an observation – from the silly to the sublime – to ‘hear’ what you think.  It’s not a selfless expression, for I learn about myself while on the karma truck too.  Those lessons?  That should wait for another day.

The pleasure of being in a circle is found in the expectation that one can expand it further.  As such, I am asked to invite two more bloggers along. This is tricky, for there are many I follow and admire and appreciate deeply.  So I offer two, with the caveat that I could write an entire post just listing the incredible people who have found me and who I have found.

I appreciate Cathy Ulrich who writes for the wide breadth of topics and genres she so beautifully introduces on her blog.  I love her sensitivity to that which is around her, even if it is the subtle bend of a petal on a flower.

And I appreciate Keith who writes  Keith also addresses diverse topics and observations on his blog.  I appreciate his humor, his patience and consistent return to lessons about walking through life with the gentlest of steps.  And he doesn’t mind answering some of my really ignorant questions!

Again, there are so many – and I would venture to guess that you know who you are because I have written about you often.  You are all in my circle, because without you there is no conversation, there is no back-and-forth that define the best of relationships.  For me that’s the best delivery from the karma truck.




44 thoughts on “So Much To Appreciate”

    1. Thank you!! It’s interesting that this is a conversation that we can more easily enter than one that is spoken – yet I too feel that way. Perhaps because we are transparent in this forum, yet also opaque? Have to think about that a bit..;-)

  1. Mimi,
    I am deeply touched and honored to be included in your circle of appreciation. I so appreciate you, your wonderful and wise perspective, your sense of humor and I agree with Ivan, the great commentary on this site. Your posts spark a desire in us to enter a dialogue with you and to keep the conversation going. Thank you for the recognition. I will keep the circle going.
    Much love,

    1. I was so happy to be able to give your talents some attention Cathy. You are someone who I am sure I would befriend in the real world, and as such value you with the same tenderness that one save for those they love..m

  2. How wonderful for you. I too love to write back to every person that comments on my posts. You’re right it is a conversation. Some are a joy, while others are heartbreaking. We say what others feel and don’t have the courage to say on their own. Don’t count yourself out about your writing ability. It is your ability to connect that makes you who you are. That’s why we’re all here. In some small way we want what we say/write to matter.

    1. You’re right – we do want it to matter, to resonate with another in some way. And yes, there are some conversations which devastate and others that inspire giggles; others that make me nod in agreement or shake my head in disbelief. It is all about connecting, and celebrating them. Yet again, you are spot on!! 🙂

      1. It’s what we want honey. To matter. Even if what we say matters to ONE person. We’ve done what we set out to do. Keep doing what you do. I LOVE it!

  3. Yes! When I first began blogging nearly a year ago, I had no idea that any of my written thoughts would be responded to – what a shock. Yes, it is a conversation. Great post and many thanks!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, as ever, for being priceless you, and for continuing conversation … and again, thank you 🙂 x

    1. At the risk of sounding too mushy, I have missed you very much Simon and am so heartened to see your name and read your words. You could write ANYTHING and I’d be happy. Long may our conversations continue my dear friend – with joy and good health (and I’ve not emailed for awhile just because I was afraid that I was beginning to sound like an intrusive neighbor)..xo

      1. I absolutely love mushy! – and you’ll never, ever be an intrusive neighbour. Only a welcome one! 🙂 x

      1. Clearly David you’re not a horseman…no one hits a horse on the side of the head if they want to remain on the horse. Golly, haven’t you heard of carrots and apples and The Horse Whisperer for goodness’ sake? Ease up on those reins Zorro, show that equine you’ve really got some oats in your hand..;-)

      2. Nope, not a horseman. My point stands. If you want oats and that’s what it will take, send my your home address, and I’ll have UPS send you a truck load so you can feed.

  5. “What I am though, is really curious about how we think about the world, how we react to the big and little experiences that occur throughout our days.”

    This is what we love about you, Mimi! Thanks for always sharing your observations and helping to create such a wonderful blogging community 🙂

    1. Andrea, you’ve made my morning..thank you so much!! Off to Hilton Head with Andy for three days (he’s getting the last rounds of golf in, I’ve got four new books downloaded on my Kindle – we’re good to go)…More from there! Hugs, m

  6. hmm..the blog as a conversation? Absolutely! While I write my blog posts for my own expression the comments then take that out of my head and into the realm of relationships – without which there would be no point expressing anything at all!

  7. Love your blog. LOVE the conversational strands it provokes. And, love you. Enjoy Hilton Head and I’m hoping you’re going by Karma Truck. I’m with David above. I’d buy any book that you would write confident in the knowledge, wisdom and humor I’d find on each and every page. Kudos for the imprint you make on all our hearts. You’ve always had an amazing voice – you now use it differently. But, no doubt about it – your voice is still amazing. Safe travels…

  8. Hi Mimi, Hearty congrats for another well-deserved acknowledgement, and such a wise and gracious ‘acceptance speech.’ 🙂 I am totally with you on the ‘conversational’ aspect of blogging–it’s the ‘best part of the process’ in my mind–I look forward to my followers’ comments as much as I do to writing. I feel so very fortunate to have stumbled into this community of gifted and giving people…. Will check out your recommendations with great enthusiasm….xoxo, L

  9. I like how you define a blog as being a conversation. That is the same way I see it and it is not the humorous, or political, or news driven blogs to which I gravitate but to the ones that speak to me and to which I can speak back.

    I enjoy writing and I greatly enjoy that connection, that continuing conversation that is blogging. I have gained a lot of inspiration from you and I am glad to have you in my circle of blog friends.

    1. I too love having you in my conversations! You do write that way you know – and I feel like you write in such a way that it is only natural to respond..

  10. You can definitely see your enthusiasm within the work you write.
    The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

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