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The Perfect October Song

Arguably not the most original of posts this morning, though the morning is clearly exceptional.  It’s our first emphatically chilly morning, the smell of oak trees pervade the air,  Archie is trying in vain to catch every falling leaf only to be confused by their trajectory and the sheer volume of movement around him (the purpose of being outdoors for his morning ‘business’ is completely forgotten).  Teddy is stopping to smell the mums and I am inspired by the sounds and sights of the morning.  It’s a wonderful day to take a slow walk into life..


27 thoughts on “The Perfect October Song”

  1. I love James Taylor and this is one of my favorite songs. It’s 31 degrees out there where I am—our first frost of the year. The sun is not up yet, so I can’t tell if I will need to scrape my car windows or not.

    1. There was frost outside this morning too – though just a glistening film. JT is one of my go-to guys and this is one of my favorite songs too. Enjoy your day!!

  2. 33 degrees here this morning, Mimi (it’s warmed up a bit in the last couple of hours) and yes, a beautiful day to take in the sights and smells of autumn. Beau, too, is fascinated by the falling leaves and yesterday Lola was caught up in the midst of a little whorl of them, which tickled her to no end. Can think of no better way to ease into this beautiful Saturday morning than with my man JT! You can be my DJ anytime, honey! :-). Xoxo

    1. I’ll be the ‘oldies’ DJ my friend, but you introduce me to so many wonderful new artists, I need you to DJ right next to me, to make sure we get the mix right!! 🙂 xo

  3. Another season transitions. And here we are still. Side by side. Heart to Heart. Friendship with enhancement by JT. Cool Beans. To the Moon and Back.

  4. 31 here this am. my four legged fur ball loves this time of year also…can’t get his nose close enough to the ground it seems. i love watching him enjoy the smells of autumn. perfect post for this day Mim…a slow walk is exactly what the doctor ordered. have an awesome day, and good luck with the party…such fun!

  5. Love it! Limay (my two year old pup) LOVES chasing leaves. He looks like he is on fast forward in a movie trying to chase them down. It’s a hoot, until I get cold!!!! I love the Fall and hope I get at least one photo like that this season! 🙂

  6. I LOVE JT…so much! Today was our first real Fall like day…and it was PERFECT…so your timing is spot on even though I am a mere 2500 miles away on the other coast. 🙂 or 😦

    Crisp morning, that required an extra tug on the down comforter, made the coffee taste even better while sitting outside Starbucks with a friend with the warm October sunshine on my back….yes, JT is perfect choice for a day like today! xoxo

    1. How perfect to be sitting with a friend on a sunny, cool day – enjoying the conversation, the breeze, the coffee and the sun..I love it..xoxo

  7. LOVE James Taylor! I have not been on here in forever it seems with Fall Break from school here, I and have greatly missed you posts! This warms my heart along with my handmade quilt and a snuggly lil boy under it 🙂

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