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An Ode To Maurice Sendak

“The night Max wore his wolf suit…” – a line we spoke aloud

Though the book was still unopened, my wild things would expound

Our was full of wild things – both human and stuffed toys

His authorship delighted me and tickled my young boys



We traveled over weeks and days and in and out of years

We gnarled and thrashed and showed our claws while conquering our fears

We marched “In The Night Kitchen” or pretended that we did

Carrying empty paper towel rolls instead of rolling pins


We memorized his stories, we kissed lots of little bears

A night without a Sendak story was altogether rare

I loved Maurice Sendak and delight in him today

And though he’s gone, in many ways he’ll never go away

11 thoughts on “An Ode To Maurice Sendak”

    1. We delighted in him so much..When my eldest and his wife got their first house, the first thing they bought was a poster of “In The Night Kitchen”…and of course they had to have the entire wild things collection. He was magic..

  1. We actually have an autographed copy from Ben’s childhood. I did the same marching and conquering with many of my special needs students over the years. I was always so appreciative to this man for his writing was the catalyst for some of the most dynamic interactive lessons that crossed over disciplines, incorporated therapies and provided “my kids” with such rich language experiences. His legacy is the wonderful memories simply saying his name evokes. While he will be missed and his passing is certainly a loss, his words will be with us forever. What a gift that is!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how you can feel the loss of someone you’ve never met, but KNOW through his work? I mourned when I read the last work of fiction by my favorite author, and she is alive and lives in my town. Her work is too thoughtful and measured for her to be prolific, thus I fear I may never read another piece of her fiction.

    Art is so important.

    1. I think it touches some fundamental truth in all of us – in a way that nothing else can. It lets you be carried away and returns you safely and changed somehow. You are right of course – art is critical and perhaps the best part of who we are (whether as a recipient of someone else’s talent or the giver of the gift)

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