humor, life lessons

Some Things You Just Can’t Laugh About

Yes my friends – there is little that can turn my smile upside down in the morning than waking up to find that we’re out of coffee.  I am no afficianado – I just know that I rally when I smell it brewing, I inhale more deeply when I pour my first cup and I can tell it’s going to be a good day when I get the ratio of half and half :coffee just right.  These are karmic messages to me that suggest the hours ahead are filled with limitless possibility.  Anything that deters me from this hopeful path sets my jaw on edge, my eyes turn into asp-like slits, and for all I know my tongue becomes forked as I begin to hiss.  As such, I consider it a favor to you that I am going to slither back to bed, and dream that when I wake up again, somehow the coffee canister will be full.


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