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Compulsory Cocooning

Well, Bogey navigated us to the mountains yesterday, and despite his insistence on looking behind or beside us, we made it.


And now comes the snow, with no estimates even suggested for those of us at ‘higher elevations’.  Clearly this ain’t no gamblin’ town.

It’s a cozy Thanksgiving this year – one beloved son and daughter-in-law, Andy, four Sirs (one grand-dog included at the Round Table) and yours truly.  One cherished son in Toronto; the other adored one, with his in-laws.  My sister is up in NY; Andy’s family in CA.  I’ve never prepared Thanksgiving for four.  And since I’m not sure how successful I will be at re-calculating measurements, there will be plenty of leftovers.  It feels a little strange – and yet it’s ok – for everyone is where they want/need to be.  And they’re fine.  Let’s move on.

Something about the silence that accompanies snow forces one to pause and listen.  It is right to pay attention at times like these.  When the world continually reminds us why we’re angry, impotent, righteously indignant and not righteous enough, the snow blinds me to all of this vitriol.  It provides a day of muted noise –  a compulsory moment to feel something other than head-shaking disillusion.

Gratitude and giving thanks – it’s as white and clean and pure as snow falling.  Despite some chronic pain stuff (yawn), which has compromised aspects of my life lately, I am choosing this moment of grace.  To be thankful.  Thankful for family and friends who are generous with their love and laughter; meager with their criticisms and callousness.  Thankful that I’m going to be a grandma in February and hopeful that I may be a vital part of this little girl’s life.  Thankful for new friends who expand my view of the road ahead, and old friends who have rejoined my travels and have myopic vision that forgives much of history.  Thankful for giggles that cause stomach aches, tears that cleanse and puppy kisses.  Thankful for books that transport and bring me home again.    Thankful for music that accompanies all my moments.  Thankful for featherbeds and drool-y naps.  Thankful for t-shirts warm from the dryer.  Thankful for those spaces in between – when my breathing slows and I bow my head.  ‘Please.  Wow. Thanks.’ – to paraphrase Annie Lamott.  That is the prayer; the alpha and the omega.  We are blessed.  We love and we are loved.  We have limitless capacity for a limited time.  Gotta get your grateful on.  And I do.  Before I get to the chestnuts that will be roasting and sweet potatoes baking and turkey brining…before the smells begin to infuse the house with hints of tomorrow’s yumminess.  Get to that place where the greatest tradition is observed – where you go to whisper ‘thank you’.



61 thoughts on “Compulsory Cocooning”

  1. and thank you for your lovely posts. enjoy your beauty, your white noise, your already here love for the upcoming new family member, for your lovely food, and for those who you will hold with you on this holiday, both near and far. best, beth

  2. Beautiful Mimi, just like you! xoxo May you enjoy the blessings of the season and allow gratitude to fill you up on Thanksgiving and always! It’s who you are and I love that you’ve written such a beautiful post to inspire us! xoxo

    1. Would that I could post inspiring thoughts with the frequency and generosity with which you do!! I wish you a love-filled Thanksgiving and so much joy..xox

  3. this is vintage Mimi–I love how you write, what you write and when you write-even though it is not my Thanksgiving I am grateful for this blog and you–hope your chronic pain gives way to nothingness, though the very nature of chronic pain is just the opposite–Mimi, I am grateful for you and the way you make words sing and the mind whirl

    1. Ah LouAnn – you grace me, you truly do. And I am so thankful for you, your thoughts, your writing (which inspires me)..I too wouldn’t mind if this pain left to be honest – but it is SO boring to write about! I am thankful too for our friendship – would that we would actually meet one day!!

  4. How can one not get to where you are? With you as guide and your appreciation/gratitude, delivered with such graciousness, for what is and what will be is palpable. While the temperature is dropping we will not have snow for which I am grateful :). May the snow in the mountains provide a blanket for your family and may the company take care of the rest. Happy Thanksgiving, my dearest friend. So glad to be on the reading end of your inspiration this AM. Your words go to that happy place in my soul and I will hold them there and read them aloud as I light the 10th candle for my dad tonight. He will smile. For today that’s where my gratitude starts as well as where my story, for which I am ever so grateful, begins. Love to the family, the sirs and to you. All there is ❤

    1. Happy Thanksgiving!! We have much to be appreciative for – starting of course with the blessing of your dad and continuing through to today and the arrival of your family. I love that you are touched in the happiest of places within you and hope that each day brings you to that place…love you ❤

  5. ‘Beloved’, ‘cherished’ and ‘adored’… that is one proud Mother.
    Enjoy your peaceful time with those you love, both far and away.
    Best wishes from over here in Oz.

    1. Mama love – pretty ridiculous huh? And they know it too – those three boys o’ mine..Thank you for coming by Elizabeth and wishing you happiness and joy – everyday, there need be no holiday for that!!

  6. Oh honey, this is so beautiful and warm and genuine and heartfelt and thankful and loving and, well, YOU. 😊. I am thankful for much this year, as well, including you, our friendship, our bond. Wishing you a day blanketed in snow and love, for you deserve all this and more…. Xoxox, l

    1. Hi sweets..This really is a year of blessings and I am thankful not just for you, but that you are surrounded by family-love this holiday…Enjoy every moment and know that I am so grateful for you..xox, m

  7. You have perfectly ushered me from the noise in my head, the busy busy of the holiday and into the quiet, graceful space of gratitude…exactly where I want to be. There is so much to be grateful for – your reflections inspire my own (long) list, of which at the top is gratitude to you for getting me here! 🙂 Also on that list is my gratitude for you, our friendship, chuffing 🙂 and connection. Snuggle in and enjoy your cozy holiday – you are loved! xoxox

    1. Love you BonBon – (laughing at the chuffing)..And grateful for our friendship and the space to reflect upon it. enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday tour! You too are loved – mega mucho..xox

  8. It is snowing here right now. It started earlier than expected and it’s accumulating (which wasn’t expected either). At first I was cranky. I have stuff to do. How can you stay grumpy when nature is giving you a beautiful show and it’s the first of the season. It makes you ease back and take it all in stride. Our Thanksgiving will be 5 people and yes, it’s hard to cook for so few but I got a turkey breast instead of the whole bird. Yes there will be leftovers but isn’t that what holidays are about? It’s wonderful to have family even if they can’t all be with you. So, so much to be thankful for. Congrats on the new granddaughter! Wonderful, upbeat post!

  9. Hope your Thanksgiving is a wonderful one, reading that you have not prepared for only four made me think of when I was first married I was used to cooking for a family of 7 and the first few times I cooked way too much

  10. Thank you for your special words on the eve of our Thanksgiving, Mimi. You know how to put life’s blessings right where they should be, on the big table for the holiday, sitting with the turkey and the trimmings, ready to be admired, breathed in, devoured, then settled and digested while hanging out with the loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend, to you and Andy and yours there and afar. 🙂

    1. And to you and your beloved and children and friends Mark. You just can’t help but be surrounded by all good things for all that you put out into the world – with warmth and generosity and humor and acceptance (sappy movies be damned). You epitomize the best of a holiday that gives thanks.

  11. beautiful, Mimi! Am smelling the smells of your turkey, etc right now 🙂 AND congrats on the Grandma news!!!! That’s so fantastic. You will be an amazing grandma.

    Can’t say I feel the same about snow–to me it’s just a pain in the rear. Sure, it’s white and quiet coming down, but it turns black and yukky and it makes driving a mess. Ha–I’m totally a snow scrooge.

    That said, Happy Thanksgiving to you. You are one of the most outwardly grateful people I know.

    1. Thanks Liz – and up here, the snow remains pristine for a few days longer and the awareness of the slushy stuff it becomes is given a reprieve.
      The grandma news is huge – and I’ll write about it soon, for it has awakened a whole bunch of thoughts!!
      And the kitchen is soon to be full of yummy smells – can’t wait. I hope you and your family have an awesome Thanksgiving. And tho’ I may be outwardly grateful (I am), the corny reality is that I spend a lot of time there inside too! 😉

  12. Even though you handle it with grace, here’s to less pain (for you) and a wonderful Thanksgiving Friend. I’m grateful for you. DK (P.S. Love the picture of Bogey and the steam/mist rising from the hills)

    1. Ah thanks my dear friend…You have become in your own cyber-way very special to me. I too wouldn’t mind a bit less pain (it’s just SO boring to talk about) and yet I’d be a total fool to not focus on all the good stuff instead. I wish you and Susan, Rachel and Eric and Zeke the happiest Thanksgiving – eat without thinking about your Saturday work-out stats, laugh, hug a lot, nap, watch the dog show (oops, sorry that’s me), read and enjoy..

  13. Thank you for the uplifting post! I hope that karma truck delivers wonderful things in return for you reflecting so much light.

    1. Thank you! The karma truck has been very generous in its delivery of a beautiful day, yummy-soon-to-be-eaten food and wonderful family. As for what I am able to reflect – it touches me beyond measure that you found some light in all of this – and I am grateful that you told me. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful day..

      1. I am happy to hear that, karma can be a wonderful thing if we make it that way. Happy Thanksgiving!

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