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Hiding In Plain Sight

Hi everyone,

It’s good to be back – though I was never really gone.  I tinkered a bit under the hood of the karma truck, checked all its levels and kicked the tires.  And since I know absolutely nothing about cars, I’m assuming we’re good to go..

Live and Learn ( gave me a figurative kick in the butt the other day with a post containing this cartoon from Calvin and Hobbes.


I get it – there are some who feel it could always be better.  Life is acknowledged first and provided with a caveat after (‘everything’s ok – but…’).  But.  Dangerous word I think, and one I consciously seek to avoid in my thoughts and actions.  Of course things could be better, but how flippin’ self-indulgent to diminish the reality that in and of itself it’s pretty damn good.  This morning I listened to the unscripted conversation between the trees as the wind traveled through their leaves, watching how one would nod, and another shake its leafy head.  I am sitting outside as I write to you, looking for bears from my safe perch (haven’t seen any yet) and laughing to myself as I wonder just what I’d do if in fact I really did encounter one.  The Sirs and I have been exploring the road, the foliage, the wildflowers, before returning to our aerie for a nap (them) and a bunch of books (me).

Is it perfect?  Of course not.  I can provide you with an impressive list of things that are not okay.  I’m just not sure why I would want to do that.  There are people who spend an enormous amount of time considering what wrongs have been visited upon them by others, listing shortcomings and offenses with righteous indignation.  I’ve started to re-frame the thought – what kind of person am I to others?  Am I bringing a little bit to the table that is more about others than it is about me?  I’m trying.  Because if I intend to live a good life – and I am and I do – it’s less about the injustices or pain that I have known – and far far more about the good stuff that happens every time I step outside myself.

Thanks for waiting for me to get the truck in gear – we’re heading to points north, south, east and west – though which way first, I have no idea.  There’s no GPS in this thing.  Have a great day – see you soon.


58 thoughts on “Hiding In Plain Sight”

  1. Woo hoo! The Karma Truck is back on the roads!! Wise words, as always, honey and ruminations that are so appreciated. I think we all can trot out a list of ‘if onlys’ or ‘I wish that’ or maybe ‘How could he/she?!’ but you’re right, it’s infinitely more rewarding to focus on ‘I think this might bring a smile to her face…’ or ‘How lucky am I?’ Wishing you a blessed day of communing with nature and knowing that, by your very existence, you bring a ‘Thank God for Mimi’ to my every minute….. 🙂 xoxox, l

    1. Ah my sweet friend – how did I know that you would be the first person I would hear from? How fortunate am I that it is you? Our conversation yesterday added more thought to this little post (you probably know that 😉 )…We are so lucky, blessed – and I am so thankful. Today is commune with nature and do some laundry and other household requirements – somehow with the windows and doors open (it’s not hot here just yet), it’s all good. xoxo, ❤️me

  2. Mimi!
    I’ve missed you! I think a good kvetch works wonders to get it out of one’s system, but then it’s time to move on. Like you, I think gratitude is far more powerful. Glad the Karma Truck is back and movin! Good to see you, my friend.

  3. Awesome new paint job mima…you be stylin’
    It’s so good to read your thoughts again. This is a great way to get the truck back on the road and headed in the right direction. Which ever direction you choose to go…it’s the right one with ideas like this as your navigator. Love always SK…xoxo

    1. Hey WW – it’s good to be back on the road heading – wherever…Glad you like the paint job – and this time I did it myself (my son deserves the credit for the last iteration)…xo

      1. You have always shown you are one to rise to the challenge! Next…you’ll be helping others paint their own. Haha

  4. Awesome new paint job mim…you be stylin’
    It’s so good to read your thoughts again. This is a great way to get the truck back on the road and headed in the right direction. Which ever direction you choose to go…it’s the right one with ideas like this as your navigator. And ours for that matter.
    Love always SK…xoxo

  5. When I got whiney (I know it’s so hard to believe!) my mother would say I need an attitude adjustment. She was right. Flipping it to “what’s good” from “what’s bad” takes some focusing but well worth the effort. Glad to have you back and love those racing stripes you got on the karma truck!

    1. I look fast even when I’m sitting still, huh Kate? 😉 I think we all get to bitch on occasion – it’s also good to step outside of our own feelings of entitlement too.. Thank you for stopping by!

    1. I’ve delighted in your posts, despite my absence from blogging..But I love seeing your comment here and knowing that you’re still on this ride with me..<3

  6. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see your karma truck pull up in my driveway this morning! The site looks great, but more importantly your writing is thoughtful and beautiful as always. We readers are very lucky to have you back in the game!

    1. Jill, I’m the lucky one because all kidding aside (and I know it’s a challenge for us to do that), you have been a supporter and cheerleader for me with enthusiasm I’ve never deserved, but always appreciated more than you know. Thank you. OK, back to our regularly scheduled comedy fests – and lunch at Amphora – we’re overdue!

  7. fantastic to have you back, mimi. and many thanks to dk, who inspires in his own very unique way, in ways that I’m not even sure he understands fully. it’s good to park the truck in the garage for a bit, let it cool down, refuel it and head back on out, even if you have no particular destination. so what if it burns oil and has a dent or two, it just means that it has really lived, welcome home – beth

    1. Hi Beth – thank you. THere’s no doubt that this truck has some miles on it, but I think it adds to its appeal…it was good to take a little break.

  8. Good to have you back – although as you say (and I feel) you were never really gone. This post is important to many as it reminds us that life happens and some of it is challenging, hell – down right painful and disintegrating – but then it’s about getting back up after being knocked down, or brought to our knees – because each time we rise, we grow, get stronger, and more compassionate (hopefully) – understanding the importance of making it about others, not just us. Welcome home, Mimi!!

  9. Thanks for this meditation, Mimi. As Thich Nhat Hanh says, I’m “smiling at my non-toothache.” Peace, John

  10. Awesome – love the new detailing on the K-truck, looks fantastic!! The tunes playing as you cruise are perfect, and your thoughts are spot on. Love this post- so fitting for now. So much to appreciate. Drive safely my friend, so glad you’re on the road again, so to speak! xoxo

    1. Hi BonBon – thank you – for liking the detailing, for enjoying the tunes and the thoughts and mostly for being on the road with me…xox

  11. I am so sorry I missed your return but as life does and you are well aware of, I was on my own bumpy road however nothing could make me feel better than getting here and having you back and as always your amazing ability of spreading Sunshine and such wise words our way! Missed you friend and so Thankful that you have returned to us bigger and brighter 🙂 Safe travels always Miss Mimi xoxo

    1. You didn’t miss my return Kimmie – my hunch is that you’ve been dealing with far more important things than catching the karma truck. And when one’s life calls, you have to pay attention! I hope you’re doing better everyday…xo

      1. I have, I am and continue to do so just as you have said. Thank you my friend and once again…Welcome Back 🙂

  12. liking the new scenery here, Mimi! Whatever you don’t know about cars, you do know about how to live a good and thoughtful life. I agree with what you’ve said and always grateful for the reminder. Seems easier to complain, but it gets tiresome even to the complainer. And I firmly believe that we create what we focus our attentions on. So why not focus on the good stuff? Like your Karma Truck 😀 Easy words to live by but again grateful for the reminder as it’s easy to get sucked in to the dark side 😉

    1. SO true Liz – I think it can be really easy to get sucked into all the ‘if only’ stuff. I just have a fear of looking back and not being aware of all that is really amazingly good..

  13. Welcome back dear Mimi ~ love the new format and colors. I love that you enjoyed your respite and shared your country experience with us. I imagine the peace settling into my bones when you speak of being with the Sirs and watching for bear from a safe perch whilst listening to the leaves fluttering. I needed a bit of peace this morning and you, as you intend, shine in my life in the most beautiful way. Thanks for being you Mimi. ♥

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