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Ciao Winter!

Yes, it’s a ridiculous minus-something with windchill.  Yes, the driveway is a skating rink and it has been pretty amusing to watch Bogey try to run from one side to the other without looking like a cartoon character.  Oh and the cold is the kind of cold that settles in your skeleton, intent on staying indefinitely.  I think I forgot to mention that we were the recipients of another 7-8″ of snow yesterday.  Let’s not even talk about the stomach flu that Andy felt compelled to share with me.  And yet…

This is what I saw this morning…


We all know I’m no photographer – I have absolutely no eye or aesthetic.  But you know what I saw?  I saw the subtle hint of spring, despite shivering so hard, my iPad kept jiggling.  I noticed that the buds are beginning to swell slightly, the birds are starting to flirt with each other in that musically suggestive way that they may consider subtle (but we all know what’s going on).  I saw a sun that delights in its insistence that it will defy the reality.  How can you not gaze at that brightness and not feel its intention?   Images of hope and promise and warmth.  Somehow this morning it all seems far less complicated, far less encumbered with doubts and ‘what ifs’.  It really is simple – life moves forward.  Indomitably.  With or without us.  Might as well let it go and go with the plan.  My hunch is that it’s going to be awesome.



42 thoughts on “Ciao Winter!”

  1. Yes, you’ve captured this moment in our time, wonderfully. Walking our rescue mutt Ellie B yesterday, we noticed how the higher sun of near-spring was melting the icicles. The drip sound from house to house was music to our ears. Yet it was 10 degrees. Mysterious nature!

  2. … birds are starting to flirt with each other in that musically suggestive way … You are just too, too good, my friend!

  3. Ahhh, how absolutely gorgeous, honey, and though I must confess that I, too, am doing my best ‘Nanook of the North” impression this morning, I’m going with your theme! Spring, it must come, it WILL come, it *IS* COMING!!! xoxoxo, L

  4. Your storm missed us but just barely. At this time of the year, I can’t help but be optimistic. Is that something in the air? Or just my spirit refusing to believe that spring isn’t around the corner? Maybe it’s really the length of daylight which is what triggers flirtatious behavior with animals (and humans too). In any case I love it. Now I need some warmer weather which is predicted for the weekend. Great post.

    1. I think you and I are definitely in the same orbit path LouAnn – and what’s so cool about it is how serendipitous it is. Spring – around the corner (ok, the block may be a bit long, but still – there’s a corner up ahead).

  5. As always beautifully stated — agree that Spring is also in the air in Oregon — I have the petunias lined up ready to plant! XOK

    1. BUNNY!!!! So happy to see your comment in my inbox! I haven’t lined up the petunias or the pansies, but after this winter that felt a thousand years long, you can bet there will be lots of flowers out and about at our house!! xom

      1. Being a native California girl — this first winter in Oregon sure did seem to be a thousand years long — and this is how we learn to appreciate those subtle, magical hints that show signs of the season changing! 🙂

  6. I’m so sorry you have had such a difficult winter! But honestly, I’m a little jealous. As much as I love the warmth and consistency of beautiful weather in San Diego, seasons are something to be missed. They mark the change in time, mood and experience, and there’s nothing more magical than going from frigid winter weather into flower-blooming, bird-chirping days. I can smell it now! xo

    1. It certainly has been one for the record books – tho’ I have to say I do agree with you. I love the seasons changing, the way they mark time in a way that nothing else does. I hope you make it east soon Christine!! xo

  7. so happy to see you, Mimi! Always love Fallon and friends–thanks for sharing. Will be showing my girlies as they love the (Oscar-wining 🙂 ) song.

    Sounds like we are having similar winters. It’s all of 10F today and there should be dancing in the streets. Haven’t seen above zero in ages. Gotta be uphill from here. Though are you saying we only needed to say “ciao” and it would go away? Wish I’d known that sooner 😉

    Just hoping it’s not the new norm for winter. May we look back, bourbon-spiked hot chocolate in hand, and laugh at how we almost didn’t make it through the winter of 2014.

    Though it’s worth hanging on to read prose as lovely as yours!

    1. You know what I would LOVE? An afternoon with you, some bourbon-laced hot cocoa and tons of conversation. I think that is the one thing that this winter really would have made it far far better than it was…

  8. I’m with you! Whatever will be, will be and we might as well experience it all – because that’s what we’re here for! (Except for the stomach flu Andy shared.)

  9. Beautiful picture Mimi. I was on your side of the country last week and had to leave a conference early due to a big snow storm. It is hard for me to comprehend what you all are going through. We are praying for more rain so we can have crops this spring. When I was in Pittsburgh and it started to snow I got so excited and most of the people started to panic and fret. I thought it would be wonderful to be trapped in a Winter Wonder Land for once. 🙂

    1. It is wonderful – and beautiful. As long as it isn’t day after day, week after week. And perhaps even that would be ok if the temps would stay a little higher. I know the drought has been a nightmare – and can’t understand why we can’t load up that snow and deliver its contents to you guys..

  10. What a gorgeous photo Mims! And what I love is that it captures your optimism, your faith in Mother Nature, that she will soon restore things and settle all this storming. That you can find the sparkle in these dark winter days, and hear the magic of the birdies flirting (that made me giggle..I LOVE that!), is just so, well, so you.And I love it. So much. And, I hope you are feeling better. xoxoox

    1. Oh honey, you are the photographer – you know it’s a terrible picture. But it just helped me make a point…as for the birds – whoa baby – that’s a whole separate post ’cause crazy things are happening here in the forest. And yes happily, feeling most definitely on the mend – so much so that I’m taking this out of shape bod to the gym this morning..xoxox

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