We must look wider than what hurts

So beautifully written and irrefutable. Hard to do? You betcha.

Live & Learn

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“We begin so aware and grateful. The sun somehow hangs there in the sky. The little bird sings. The miracle of life just happens. Then we stub our toe, and in that moment of pain, the whole world is reduced to our poor little toe. Now, for a day or two, it is difficult to walk. With every step, we are reminded of our poor little toe.

Our vigilance becomes: Which defines our day – the pinch we feel in walking on a bruised toe, or the miracle still happening?

It is the giving over to smallness that opens us to misery. In truth, we begin taking nothing for granted, grateful that we have enough to eat, that we are well enough to eat. But somehow, through the living of our days, our focus narrows like a camera that shutters down, cropping out the horizon, and one day we’re miffed…

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7 thoughts on “We must look wider than what hurts”

  1. Talk about an every day vigil!! In retrospect, one can see how these little challenges are just that…little, in the grand scheme. The hard part of this daily struggle, is training your mind to see the big picture, and your heart to remain open to all that you’ve been blessed with that is so much greater than the problem. Not easily mastered, if at all. But to keep trying is the thing…give our thought muscles new memories so it becomes second nature…xoxo

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