Truly Amazing Teacher

An amazing amazing man, dad, teacher…you can’t watch this and not be moved.

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The greatest life lesson ever taught in a matter of 10 minutes by an extraordinary man! Must watch!

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18 thoughts on “Truly Amazing Teacher”

  1. Thanks, Mimi, for giving me my day. I already had a day, but now I’m reminded of all the gifts i hadn’t been sufficiently grateful for, and it’s only 4:50 am, so I’m starting my day over. Thank you. Merry Christmas. xoxo

    1. Merry Christmas Lynne – this video touched me in a similar way..Wishing you a wonderful holiday season with joy that lasts throughout the new year. xoxo

  2. Can only write and send on my phone here. Can’t wait to watch when I get home – Thursday – I have no downloadability here and a slightly upset husband who reminded me I’d promised to unplug for 4 days. This is the ultimate test. Love you all there is.

  3. MiMi…this reminded me absolutely of my boss and good friend Jack. He looked after his son Brian his whole life, despite Brian’s severe cerbral palsy. (I was Brian’s chef/companion/caretaker for 8 of those years)

    This teacher is Jack…and Jack is that teacher. People like them…are so outstanding. They have what Mother Teresa had…at least a little bit.

  4. Thanks for sharing Mimi-it is amazing what a difference one person can make…and what one person can make of a situation that might crush someone else. I found myself thinking “what a lucky little boy”…crazy, right?

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