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Home Again

“The mountains are calling and I must go” — John Muir

I could have stayed at our mountain home for far longer than we did.  Air that was breathlessly cold; sky and ground the same color white, blurring the boundary that keeps one anchored to the ground; good friends (who fortunately arrived after the new heat pump was installed) – and Sir Bogey.

The Sirs have been to the house before, but this time Bogey got to be the ‘special’ fur-kid who made the trip.  He loves being part of the pack, but he really delighted in being the center of attention.  Four adults catering to his every whim, four laps to test, four sets of ears listening to his lengthy diatribes and demands.  He’s quite the puppy, with far more opinions and expectations than any puppy I have ever had.  Needless to say, he’s training us very well.

At night, he would see his reflection in every window and was desperate to have the interloper evicted from the premises.  Same thing with the floor length mirror.  He huffed and lunged, banging his head repeatedly.  Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but arguably one of the cutest.  When he is with the other Sirs he is far bolder than when he’s on his own.  Every morning he would venture outside, greeting the frozen air with a lot of bluster and bark – from behind my legs.  He was more intrepid when the sun rose,  jumping through the snow with abandon, skidding around the driveway as if his paws were made of fiberglass.  Bogey maximizing his moments – playing with abandon, sleeping heavily, eating with enthusiasm and delighting in tummy rubs.  He’s impulsive and demands the most from the world around him, for last he looked, it’s totally his world.  As I said, he’s training us well.  And having his perspective while we snuggled into the days made any sense of the serious impossible.  We even played a new game, sort of like ‘Marco Polo‘ but calling “Bogey” or “is the puppy with you?” instead.

Icing delayed our departure, and I was ambivalent when the salt truck arrived.  Home is wherever love is, so arguably it travels.  But it’s the peace of the mountains, the demand that you scale back your worries and amp up the volume on appreciating the smallest of delights.  Feeling snowflakes on your face, playing with abandon, talking with friends, sleeping heavily and treading lightly on the earth.  Bogey is teaching us well.  The mountains are the perfect backdrop for lessons such as these.



44 thoughts on “Home Again”

  1. Ohmagosh, does that whole tableau sound *delicious* honey?! Wow! Is it OK to be a little jealous of the Boge-man and his weekend retreat? 😉 Seriously, I’m glad that the little tyke got to be ‘King of the Castle’ for a few days and tickled pink to hear that your training is going well.

    I’m also glad that you and Andy were able to kick back in the company of friends. There’s nothing better than having a place to relax and watch the world go by. As Pooh said, “Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.” All there is…xoxoxo, l

    1. Ah Pooh – a wise bear if ever there was one. It is really lovely doing nothing in a place that commands such attention. We have to schedule some girl-time up there!! xox, me

    1. Oh David, thank you…you’ll appreciate this – Andy was insistent that Bogey not be allowed on the couches at the house. You’ll note who is holding said puppy in his lap – on the couch. Somehow everyone just gets ‘okay’ with everything when they have a little time to let go.

  2. Everything I need to know about life I learned from Bogey…I sure hope you’re spending some of that relaxing mountain time working on Bogey’s first opus! If Grumpy Cat can have a bestseller, Bogey is a surefire hit!

  3. Great photos. Can see why you love the place. So, thinking that the room with the fireplace and TV and comfy armchairs is where we can retire to much on our granola bars and sip our eggnog after we put things together in the kitchen. Does that work for you? 😉

    1. Thank you Lynne – not the best photographer in the world, but so glad you got the idea. It is really a wonderful escape (with or without the dogs)..

  4. When I grow up (which just may be never..) I want to be Bogey. Yup. I’ve decided that’s my life’s ambition 🙂 What a wonderful time there and I love the photos so I can feel like I am over in the corner soaking it all in with you. I love that you have just been able to enjoy your new space so much. You and that home and the mountains are a perfect match. Thank you for taking us with you! xoxo

    And the ferris wheel on the cabinet in front of ‘my’ lounger! 🙂

    1. That ferris wheel has little tea lights on each chair – when lit it’s magical – just waiting for your arrival. 🙂 And yes, I think opting to grow up as Bogey is a pretty smart goal. Loads of self-confidence, no guile or pretense, just a firm belief that we are all here to do his bidding. xoxo

  5. Ok…Bogey has stolen a piece of my heart (Don’t tell Peanut!) Puppies & Peace have a way of bringing happiness to a home like nothing else…glad you’re getting to enjoy it all!

    By the way…have I told you how much I love mountains and amenities?

    1. I promise your secret is safe with me – I’ll never tell Peanut!! And it’s true – puppies bring a lot of crazy but so much joy (he’s actually sitting next to me while Sir Teddy is in my lap and they’re kissing each other – how sweet is that?)…Mountains and amenities? I’ve got the perfect place for you to visit!!

  6. Your words are like another picture in this sequence. How cozy, comfy it all looks, and that second shot is just amazing. Is that a water droplet that looks so opalescent? The moon? An actual pearl? It looks like a jewel, whatever the actuality, and I won’t wax more whimsical…hahaha…just kidding, I will.

    Hope your trip was safe. Nice to drop by for a chunk of feel good. 🙂

    1. So happy you came by…That was a reflection I think -but I prefer your thoughts – a perfect water droplet, the moon, a pearl. Yes…it had nothing to do with my lousy photography skills.. 😉

  7. What wonderful photos. Just makes me want to be there. No wonder you weren’t ready to leave. Very beautiful.

    1. Thank you…as much as I love my home, I really wasn’t ready to leave this new getaway. I felt like I still had to ‘mark’ my territory (figuratively speaking…I leave the literal interpretation to the pups).

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