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Before The Sun Rises

Up on the mountain, the wind is announcing the day before the sun even has a chance to make its presence known.  Sitting here with the fire dancing, lap blanket tucked under my feet, I’d be remiss if I didn’t pause for one moment and just snuggle into the moment.  This is not the beginning of an extraordinary day – which is what makes it so remarkable.  At some point, I’ll make it into town, run some errands, shiver my way back home and read.  Drink some tea.  Knit a bit.  Listen to music.  Listen to the wind.  Pick up a message here and there about the deliciousness of being in the moment.  Marvel at how flexible the trees are as the bend to the will of nature without snapping in two.

We won’t be getting up here too often this winter and I will miss the opportunity to just hop in the car and be here.  Though the house still has that new house smell, it already has the feeling of being lived-in, of knowing its role as an escape and a womb, protecting and holding me safe.  And though I have always thought of myself as one who would be happiest by the water, I’ve already learned that the mountains echo a welcome that is equally compelling.  Maybe it’s just the peace that comes from being placed in the middle of all that is so much bigger than me,  A way to remember that we are a part of something so much bigger, a stage whisper demanding that we pay attention.  Our days, these accumulations of seconds strung together and passing with such speed they are easily disregarded.  I don’t want to miss a thing, primarily because I fear I miss so much.

So before the morning breaks, I watch and listen and breathe in – the feeling of warmth, the smell of hot coffee, the music of the wind.  The next moments will come, for they are more determined than anything else I’ve ever known.  And I can’t stop them.  But I can – and I will – dissolve into right now.



47 thoughts on “Before The Sun Rises”

  1. Mmmmm, I am right there with you, honey, in that beautiful cathedral of nature. I’m so happy that you have this retreat at your disposal, for there is nothing like being able to slip into the silence of a new day to recharge one’s batteries. 🙂 I’m joining you for a cuppa… Xoxo, l

  2. You created a symphony with your words this morning as I am overcome with the emotional pull of the music you create. Because I’ve seen the setting, your symphony reaches a crescendo with the majesty of the mountains and trails off with the calm of you, your knitting and a fireplace that beckons one to be sipping hot chocolate. So happy you are allowing yourself to reap the rewards of a lifetime of hard work. Enjoy the solitude. Embrace the peace. And, please don’t talk to any animals outside that are bigger than you. To the moon and back.

    1. Well, Bogey is joining me later – so I figure we can brave the wild animals together!! Holding very happy thoughts of your time here with me..xoxo

  3. It’s like I am describe it all sooo perfectly. (and btw, I call dibs on the lounge and throw…just in case anyone is wondering!

    Just love this..the snow on your page is so fitting all just works. I love too that you find the mountains as compelling as the ocean, its where my heart flutters most, in and amongst the trees and mountains, it’s cozy somehow, like a womb as you so perfectly put. Snuggle in and relax. Sip. Read. Snooze. oxo

    1. The heat pump blew this morning, so I have remained under covers all day. A new one is being installed tomorrow. But even though it’s flippin’ freezing in here, it’s still wonderful. And you get the lounge and throw whenever you want it!! xoxo

  4. I could say “lovely,” but then I would be saying what I say every time I visit 🙂 But it’s an apt word for how you write and the feelings you convey. Love that you’re able to sink into your moments and appreciate them for whatever they are.

    Had a brief brush with this today when I was driving home from lunch with my parents. Cars speeding along (not overmuch traffic) and mostly clear sky, etc. And it struck me that in that moment I was thrilled to be alive just because I was driving home from a lovely lunch and I was in my car and the sky was blue, etc. Really quite a good feeling! Guess those help make up for the not-so-good moments 😉

    1. Happiness happens during these moments in between I think…and it’s awesome when we can recognize them for what they are. So happy to hear that you had a brush with those moments today!

  5. I think I just read a lovely picture book; your words describe the setting, taking me away from the stress of the season for a few moments. My goal is to get done and find myself relaxing in the same way before dark. I am so happy you are finding contentment in your new home. xo Fran

  6. Your words transported me to the center of my dreams. I, like you, also crave the ocean while imagining being on top of a mountain surrounded by strong, tall trees and a view that reminds me of the depth and breadth of life. You are blessed to have such a beautiful escape nest. Thank you for sharing a bit of it.

    1. Thank you so much Dorothy – your comment is so welcome and makes me smile broadly. I do feel blessed – a thousand times over. Thank you for coming by!

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