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Kitchen Friendships

“Ten times a day something happens to me like this – some strengthening throb of amazement – some good sweet empathic ping and swell.   This is the first, the wildest and wisest thing I know:  that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness.” — Mary Oliver

You would think that the continuing saga of potty training our youngest sir (Bogey – he with the bladder of a peanut and a vacant scare which may not bode well for his aptitude), would leave me somewhat compromised in terms of fodder for posts dealing with anything other than the delight and frustration of puppyhood.   Given that my travels are limited to two and half hour intervals, it is true that I haven’t seen much other than what is going on in my kitchen.  But I’m here to tell you, there’s a lot of amazing that happens here.

Bonnie, the remarkable creator of was here for a couple of days and in effect, holed up in the kitchen with me for the majority of her visit.  True, a better host would have planned sightseeing expeditions in and around D.C. (she left the day of the government shutdown);  I invited her to walk up and down the driveway.  And having her here was an experience in amazement.  Amazement that we started talking at Union Station on Sunday evening and didn’t stop until we said good-bye at Dulles airport.  That the kitchen became the haven for stories sad and delightful, evocative memories and whispered hopes.  There was no better place to be to explore the reality of a friendship that started with imagined dimensionality created by our words and email conversations.   I could listen and see and ask and think and travel around years of Bonnie’s life and she let me be amazed.  We laughed and considered and opined and let the comfort of the kitchen make all of that conversation safe.  It was a  joy to have her here and to realize as I sit here today, that I had so much wonder going on around me.  Perhaps therein is the kernel of truth – any moment which is attended to with sensibilities focused contains far more amazement than we might think.

I will leave Bonnie’s travels to Bonnie – for it is her story to tell.  And she tells it like no one else.  I for one have to go walk the pup.





62 thoughts on “Kitchen Friendships”

  1. i am with rhinda on this one sounds so lovely i am so glad you two got to spend this time together it is both precious and wonderful and love that picture! i loved reading this mims for a moment i was there in the kitchen with you both and cuddling bogey ahhh a wonderful moment thank you and will read bonnie avidly as i usually do keep on having great times lovely and thank you for sharing them with us love and hugs xx

  2. OK, well you two are just *adorable*, and I’m a similar shade of green to Rhonda. 😉 Seriously, glad that you guys connected in the real world and had such a good time. Your ‘selfie’ says it all… xoxo, L

    1. Laughing – the picture is deceptive. We’re the long and the short of it – Bonnie is more than 10″ taller than me – and was kind enough to bend down..:-) And given that I’m way older than that lovely young woman, I think sisterhood is more of a stretch than mother and daughter!!

      1. Believe it or not, Mimi, I’m 9″ taller than my sister, so 10″ isn’t really a stretch for me. And you guys do favor each other. But maybe I’m just reading the energy in the pic.

      2. 🙂 I’m the runt of a very small litter – my sister is the taller of us – she’s a whopping 5’2″. I top out at 4’11”..

    1. p.s. What’s up with tales of not finding the right color makeup, etc.?? You, dear Mimi, are drop. dead. gorgeous! Inside and out 😀

    2. Oh Liz, I need some luck with this precious, not-especially-quick-on-the-uptake little guy. And today I feel like we’re all in this circle of awesomeness and I feel so privileged to be a part of it..

      1. It’s Beth (do you know? who doesn’t have her glasses on. I can’t see squat without mine, so no, they weren’t off when I read your post.

        Can’t help you with Bogey as I’m a cat person (!!). Though I feel for you as I’m not that many years past potty training my girls. And Bogey will come around eventually. Yes to circle of awesomeness 😀

  3. I enjoyed your post and am happy to hear that you had such an enjoyable time. Great photo! Despite Sir Bogey’s uh, challenges, I have the feeling that this could be the beginning of beautiful friendship between the two of you. And besides, potty training is the stuff that dreams are made of.

    1. How’d you know I’m dreaming of the day when this little guy’s light comes on? I swear Russ he is the funniest, cutest, silliest puppy you could imagine, but I do worry about wear exactly the elevator stops on the way to his brain. 🙂

      1. LOL! Such can be the most loving dogs. My Duke wouldn’t win any dog IQ contests but he is at the top of the dog pile when it comes to love, loyalty, and making me smile.

      2. It’s true…although one of our pups was known as “Bubba the Wonder Dog” – he was just the smartest guy and the most loving, loyal, tender delight ever…

  4. Mims!! Awesome post…I knew you’d work your magic! Yay to the sister and selfie comments! As friends, we get to choose our family, so I say yes to the sisterhood!

    I of course love this post, and have been reflecting on our time also, and this jet-lagged, travel weary, unpacking, restocking and making sure there is still money in the bank blogger will be stringing some thoughts together soon!

    What an awesome circle we all have happened upon…arms wide open!

  5. Your kitchen is a magical place for it evokes and encourages one to reach safely down into their soul and reveal things fresh and/or long dormant. If walls could talk. The threads that bind all of us are being made stronger it seems. Is it the wisdom that comes with getting older? Is it the common bonds we all see to share that enable us to comfort, validate and support each other? And, yes in your warm, cozy kitchen it is safe because you are present in everything that is in there and all of us who visit feel that immediately. Must admit to a tinge of jealousy – but putting on my big girl panties now I am really happy that you have this journey with this truck that is taking you places that are the stuff of dreams with old and new friends. PS Just want to point out that today I am wearing exactly the same shirt Bonnie has on in the picture. Just sayin’ <3. You reap what you sow. Love the lush field upon which you get to travel. And really love to visit through your writing enjoying the adventures and the journeys you take.

    1. You know that my kitchen is yours, and has been since for longer than either of us would care to count. I love that you feel its safety and comfort – kick off your shoes and just feel enveloped in a cozy warmth. That fills me with joy. And clearly there’s something about beautiful women with great taste in clothes that seems to be a thread…;-) Love you the moon and back..
      ps. I wish you would start writing a blog – you are a terrific writer…just sayin’…

    1. So not true – and you should know that when Lori and I get together, you are one of the people we talk about hoping to meet. You’re part of the circle whether you like it or not. Same conversation was had with Bonnie. You just have to accept that you’re a part of an embracing circle that imagines that you too would experience the same delight that we have.

  6. I love this, I love that you are 4′ 11″, I love that Bonnie is amazing enough to spend the weekend in your kitchen, and I love that I might actually get to meet you. Love, love, love, love.

    1. It’s occasionally tricky to be an adult munchkin, but what the hell, I deal with it. 😉 I too LOVE the thought that we may actually meet soon..

      1. Hush, now. That’s what step stools are for! The woman from whom we bought our home had these amazing little pop-out steps installed in the cabinetry. I just touch it, and out pops a load-bearing step. Stinking genius, if you ask me. Something to keep in mind, should you ever decide to replace the cabinetry in that kitchen you spent last weekend with Bonnie and Bogey in…

  7. Sounds like an instant connection. That pic of you guys is great! not only are you both good-looking–and face it, we all like that–but your smiles just jump out of the screen, and the good will, too.

    Puppyhood? Or poopyhood…

    lol, I could not resist…you can delete if you like…:)

    1. Puppyhood definitely has a poopyhood component, are you kidding?? I love it! And we had a great time – that was my first experience with ‘selfies’ – and Bonnie gets full credit for that..Thank you thank you..

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