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Following Some Great Advice

LouAnn who pens the fantastic blog, accepted a gauntlet – to devote one post a week to write about one’s blessings.  I like the idea, especially given all the other topics that one can entertain.  And for me there are at least three days in any given year which are deserving of individual mention.  Today is one of them.

Thirty two years ago today, I became a mom for the first time.  I would become a mom two more times – another wonderful boy two-plus years later, and one more gift that came as part of the package that is Andy (and in many ways he helped seal the deal, because I fell for that little boy the moment I met him).   But today it is about the man who can claim this day as his birthday.

I am not going to go too far back in time – for it will make his eyes roll and may somehow diminish the present.  Yet, I hold thirty-two years worth of moments (longer if one were to include the lengthy conversations we had before he actually appeared).  I have known him and loved him longer than he has known himself.  That gives me a pretty decent perspective on the qualities that make the man.

He’s a really, really good man.  He’s smart and dogged, determined and stalwart.  He loves his wife tenderly and holds their relationship tenaciously.  He still wants me in his life.  And I love being a part of it.  Sometimes he worries about me, other times he is probably frustrated by me – much of the time we just talk about the stuff of which life is made.  He has gotten certain traits from me, but he is far more his own incredible concoction of talents and flaws than anything else.  I take no credit – he has much credit to take.  And I am blessed to be his mom.  To have been a part of his journey and the keeper of some of his secrets.  To have been provided with the opportunity to laugh and cry with him, celebrate and grieve with him, ponder and occasionally just punt when there seemed like nothing else to do.

Time has accelerated since I became a mom, because its passing has been marked by their development and growth, stumbles and leaps.  I have often wished that it would slow down a bit, for I consider myself way too immature to be the mother of such phenomenal adults.  Part of the blessing I guess, is that in my heart,  he is (as his brothers are) my boys, my heart and my soul.   I always knew I wanted to be a mom, even when I was too young to know they ways to become one.  But my greatest legacy is not that I am a mom – it’s that I’m the mom of these men.  Happy Birthday my magnificent boy – you are loved beyond all measure.

(And those this isn’t a video of you, the song of course is for you)


38 thoughts on “Following Some Great Advice”

  1. This is just so lovely, Mimi. Oh, that we were all fortunate enough to have been loved by a Mom like you. What a different world this would be. Happy Birthday to your Magnificent Boy 🙂

    1. Thank you very much – I’m sure there have been – and will continue to be – moments when they might disagree with you. But I’m lucky just the same…

  2. Just got the kleenex. Happy Birthday to the first of the three young boys that captured your heart. How could he not be all you say he is? Wishing you a Happy Labor Day and your son a wonderful birthday. All there is. All there is.

    1. It was a pretty awesome Labor Day that’s for sure…And trust me – I’ve been through some kleenex today too .Love you to the moon and back

  3. This is beautiful Mimi-you may not be able to take all the credit but you raised a man who understands how to hold a woman’s heart. Imagine if all moms did that with their boys. Celebrate!

    1. Ah Jill thank you…I think he saw that a woman can be strong and vulnerable (something I didn’t really see at all), and he was always very protective of me when we were on our own. Did I raise him to be this way? I don’t know – I think however he internalized his environment served him pretty damn well…Celebrate? I truly do..

  4. Beautiful post pouring out with so much love for your son.
    Thinking of those magical moments of when they (our children) were younger brings back happy memories to us, and is only just surpassed by the feeling of pride and contentment in knowing they have grown into fine young adults.
    You describe those emotions that I feel so well that you must have got inside my head.

  5. The fabulous, loving, knowing relationship that you share with your kids shines through in every line, honey.

    “Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.” — Richard Evans

    I know, with complete certainty, that your children are blessed with the knowledge of how deeply they are loved. How lucky are you all?……

    Xoxox, L

    1. I know that I feel incredibly lucky and blessed…And I think my kids know they are cherished beyond measure – though is that something that is appreciated in the moment or as one continues to grow? xoxox, m

  6. that was so beautiful. <<inadequate words to describe the tide of feeling that evoked…and I am just a bystander! Each video clip–every picture–reflected the bond of love and joy between you 2. He absolutely has your smile, but tell me. Where did her get that enormous snake birthmark from? I mean…it is spot on!

    I totes respect not seeing him all grown…but wanted to.

    Your few shots of you intermingled were well chosen. The first (huge grin) couldn't express pride and love more eloquently, and the one of you sideways–presumably flopped out on deck–was great comic relief.

    Hallmark has NOTHIN' on you, sister soul. Great and heartwarming post.

      1. Laughing…have another cup of wakefulness and thank you so much! I’m happy you liked it!

        Imagine very happy face here :- ) I’m too technologically challenged to do it any other way..

  7. This is really wonderful, Mimi…and I know those feelings well. I’m a mom to two sons and a daughter. I too knew that I wanted to be a mom before I really knew what being a mom would really be about. My children are my greatest loves and my greatest accomplishments. The love overflows constantly. Thanks for sharing this story of love. 🙂

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