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The Days Of Awe

For those who observe Rosh Hashanah – the beginning of the New Year – L’Shana Tova.  My wish for my family and friends is for a year of joy and good health, laughter and abundant love, peace in spirit and in the world (I realize that’s probably a stretch but it doesn’t hurt to hope).  The days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are known as ‘the days of awe‘.  As God opens the book of life, as we ask to be sealed into its pages for another year our thoughts turn in.  Have our actions and our hearts been in sync with an intent that is bigger than our own hubris?  Have we been kind?  Have we been fair?  Generous in both deed and thought?  Please understand, this is my interpretation of these mystical, spiritual days – I am neither rabbi nor maven on Judaism.  I’m just a woman who responds to the need to consider my actions, apologize for any hurts that I may have caused either with intention or with thoughtlessness and to commit to trying to do better.

I remember my parents during this time of year – from the tender moments of sneaking in to sit with my parents during the adults’ service (which as I recall lasted f-o-r-e-v-e-r), leaning against my father and playing with the tassels on his prayer shawl.  Challah and honey.  A prayer for a sweet year.  Kisses on both cheeks.  Makes my body ache with an undefinable pain that starts in my heart and courses its way through my body.  It’s a visceral thing, this missing them.  

I have no wisdom to offer here – certainly nothing that we all don’t already know.  We are imperfect, we are wondrous; we are foolish, we are wise; we are giving, we are self-absorbed;  we are perfectly imperfect.  So I may not get every nuance of these splendid and awe-filled days, but I get enough to know that wishing you a sweet and loving year is not exclusive to any one religion.  I get enough to know that I deeply hurt  when I think of the times I have shown people the worst of myself instead of my best (or at least my average self).   And I certainly get that considering the synchronicity between my heart and my actions is more than just an annual effort.  This year may I do a better job of being a better person.  May I walk on this earth with a lighter more loving step and let my priorities reflect an understanding that all of this passes too quickly to be dismissive.  A year of light and love and the gift of tomorrow.  Amen.


52 thoughts on “The Days Of Awe”

  1. So beautiful. So meaningful. So sincere. May the New Year bring to your home sweetness and light, love, health, happiness, prosperity and peace. May it radiate from your corner of the world outward and reach all our homes- whatever ones beliefs or religions. As you implied it is universal. Shana Tova my dearest friend. On a personal note, may we all find that elusive next door in the coming year. To the moon and back with apples and honey.

    1. With apples and honey and all the love in the world being sent your way..We will find the door, and we will figure out a little bit more than we knew before – hopefully..;-) To the moon and back..xoxo

  2. Thanks for the good wishes, Mimi 🙂 Looking back to a previous comment thread, this post just confirms what I mentioned about you being joyful and real. I was raised in the Christian tradition and still try to live my life according to those teachings (often failing miserably–haha), so completely agree about the perfectly imperfect. And there’s so much forgiveness and love floating around (this sounds way more airy-fairy and mystical than I want it to) that it’s more a matter of getting up each day and trying again, hopefully enjoying the ride. You bring good karma to the world for sure.

    How’s Sir Puppy?

    1. Hi Liz – I think these wishes cross religious denominations and I think it’s hard not to sound corny or goofy when one talks about topics like love and forgiveness, isn’t it? The limitations of the English language (or my limitations with it!). And if we can get up each day and try again, enjoy the ride and spread a little more joy than not, I’d say we’re putting out the best karma we can…xox
      The puppy? You mean Sir Mischief-Maker-Don’t-Tell-Me-What-To-Do? He is a bundle of adorableness topped off with more than a sprinkling of hard-headedness..;-)

  3. as beautiful as you are. Happy New Year Mimi…may I too take heed and listen to the loving voice in my heart that urges me, and gently reminds me, to take each day as the gift it truly is and not waste a moment that is not one spent is becoming a better person. God Bless xoxo

      1. to find someone like you…in my life…i must believe there is more right with me than wrong. i will forever thank the powers above for bringing you into my life…xoxo

  4. Joy and peace and health and gladness for you and yours dear Mimi. May your words of peace and embrace continue to touch and bless each and all who wait for the Karma truck. The most fleeting sight of your truck’s passing by our windows makes us glad to be alive, and reminds us to thank God for our teachers … and to thank our teachers themselves. So thank you. With love. And prayers for a happy new year.

  5. Such moving thoughts, Mimi. I’m going to have to quote you on my facebook page 🙂 Wishing you a year filled with love, inspiration and peace. Hope to see you very soon. xoxo

  6. “May I walk on this earth with a lighter more loving step and let my priorities reflect an understanding that all of this passes too quickly to be dismissive.” ~ Just so incredibly lovely… 🙂

  7. Oh goodness, first, Happy New Year my lovely friend. And next? I think it’s time to remind you what a gifted and beautiful writer you are – this is soothing, and hopeful and encouraging and comforting. You got me with the the visceral missing of your parents, I could feel that. So moving, so much in your message to hold on to. love to you for a splendid and graciously happy new year. xoxo

    1. Thank you BonBon – such wishes are universal and you know these are my wishes for you this year. I appreciate that you think I’m a decent writer – that’s a compliment I struggle to wrap my head around. But it doesn’t diminish the delight I feel in thinking that you have that opinion. HOpe you are well…xoxo

      1. I do know these are your wishes for me and all those whom are lucky to have you in our lives! And, I am eternally grateful for that, for you! I think you are beyond decent, way beyond sweetie..talented and gifted! Keep struggling and wrapping, or I can just remind you over and over! You know I will, anyway! love you. xoox

  8. Of your many gifts, Mimi, I love the way your writing connects people of different traditions. Being raised as a Catholic, I wouldn’t think I could relate to your post. But I was right there with you. I felt your anticipation, your contemplation, your optimism for next year. Thank you for sharing this special time with the tenderness it deserves.

    1. There are some things that I think cross religion – most notably the tenets of love and our humanity. I’m so happy that you felt my intent..thank you Susan..thank you.

    1. Thank you Russ..I have been so incredibly blessed, and continue to be amazed and appreciative of the largesse of the universe. May it be a wonderful year for us all (and may your books achieve literary fame among the younger set!)

    1. You’re just trying to make up for cutting me no slack yesterday..;-) I hope to be a better person – I have loads of room to grow – of that I have noooooo doubt. Thank you for your good wishes my friend, thank uuou.

      1. Thank you thank you thank you – I don’t agree with you, for I think I’m just as lousy and/or good as the next guy – but I will cherish that you feel this way.

  9. Wow, Mimi, what a beautiful, meaningful reflection for inner and outer growth. You have a beautiful spirit and truly know what is meaningful in life. Happy New Year and thank you so much for sharing the holidays with us. xo Fran

    1. I’m glad you liked it and think that these are all universal hopes that cross our religious denominations..wishing you all that you want and hoping that all that you want is all that you have …xo

  10. Mimi–well wishes transcend all religion, I believe, as do intent and morals and actions. I love how you stated this all in positive language: how you WILL be–instead of that which to avoid. I am a firm believer in positive language!!!

    And oddly, though I am not Jewish or Muslim (or even sure if this covers all the correct creeds) it feels as if the year is done–and renewed–for me at this time. From last September to this–it has been a ride of my life. Ups, downs, new milestones…yes. I am ready to go forth into the next year a wiser person, and more patient (I hope) by far. More kind at all times…

    The weird thing for me about my blog: I love it when I post the positive messages and things I feel are so important–but I also feel the need to post my lesser self–i guess to see if I can still be accepted.

    thinking as ever after a visit to you. Blessings, Mimi…i view you as one, for sure.

    1. Two people with similar minds… I prefer to go with the positive too, somehow there is a whole bunch of the other that seems easier to touch. Which segues well to my second thought – I think it’s absolutely awesome when your posts reflect your more vulnerable side (it is not ‘lesser’ nor is it negative) and I feel like you’re sharing another aspect of your incredible self. I struggle with showing those sides of me (and boy are they loud and proud), for reasons similar to yours. You have given me much to think about this morning. Thank you for the gift of your candor this morning, your open heart – and yes, let’s hope this day, this year is one of wonders…

  11. mims my darling friend i often read your posts and they have so many comments i feel my tiny comment at the end would be lost in all the love you receive which is very much due to how wonderful you are my friend- i can honestly say i have never met any other in my whole i had such an instant connection with and huge love and respect for as your dear self- but i am not here to tell you i love you , you know i do, i am hear to say thank you, for sharing this- all your posts i love- but this one i learnt, i have to confess i know so little about any of this but i love your concept its quite wonderful and i feel this time is something we could all do with so thank you mims enlightening me and being the gorgeous person you are loves and hugs mims xx

    1. We did connect right off didn’t we Kizzy? And what a lovely treasured connection it is. I love you too and that’s pretty much all we need to know, right? xox, m

  12. We are all imperfect in our ways we live but God did make us perfect as we were formed. Remembering, like you mentioned being grateful and trying our best, we may fall down but we are still loved! I love the way you give yourself and personal beliefs to us, so that we can know you better. I felt your missing your parents through your powerful love and words describing coming into the adult service. Sharing faith is so wonderful, across denominations, we all can relate to the love you show for your parents’ memories (great word: “visceral,” in terms of feelings) and your faith.

    1. Your comments are so generous and heartfelt – thank you for moving me so deeply on this Friday afternoon. There is something about the word ‘visceral’ – how it conjures something so deep, almost tangible and strong enough to move one’s very soul..

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